CK type Ruler

CK Type Ruler


Downloads this cool type ruler for the perfect size type on your pages every time.

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Type Ruler
The best way to use this ruler is to print it on a transparency that way you can position it over your work to see what font size best suits what you are working on. I love it, what a time saver.
Thanks very much, but I too could use some instructions on how to use this!
How to use this ruler
Hi ladies, I'm guessing that you use this ruler if you journal text on your scrapbook pages and need help to figure out what size to use in a particular area. If you are scrapping traditionally, I would print this PDF out and have it next to me while scrapping. When I'm ready to journal using typed out text printed on paper, then I would use this ruler guide to figure out quickly what font to use (or how big I could go so everything fits). Hope this helps. Happy scrapping. {scrappytimes}
how to use!
do u have instructions how to use this?
Type Ruler
Thanks so much, anything that saves time is great!
This will save me so much time!
Type Ruler
I want to thank you for giving us this Type will definitely save me time figuring out the size of the font I want to use. And I also love the free fonts.
How do you use this?
I agree with drimeier, how do you use this needs some explaination thank you I think it would be helpful I printed if some one can tell us how to use it...
Type Ruler How to info
I need to know exactly how to use this and I know already it will be very useful, but still need some how to tips for computer journaling on my scrapbook pages
How to use?
Forgive me for being naive, but how exactly do you use this?
Thank you so much for this ruler, what an easier way for getting the right size font.
What a great way. I am always struggling with the size of font, or lettering to use. I usually wind up with something too small for my page. This will be a great fix.
This will make journaling a lot easier!
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