Day 4 Class: The Letter Home

by Camp Counselor Brittany Beattie


Free Download: Journaling Pages

Now that you know how to include letters on your layouts, you'll love these free journaling page downloads that you can print out. You can even send them to your friends and family so they can write letters, too. Imagine how beautiful your album will be when it's filled with letters from your loved ones.


Journal download 1        Journal download 2

Download Houndstooth journaling page   Download Pink Swirl journaling page



Journal download 6





   Download mini Houndstooth and Pink Swirl journaling pages.











Journal download 3        Journal download 4

Download Purple journaling page                         Download Green Leaf journaling page



Journal download 5    Download both Purple and Green Leaf journaling pages.  

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a great variety of ways to display (or not) letters. postcards are always tricky since they are printed on both sides. Now I also have an interactive idea for the e-mails worth preserving
grad page
my middle daughter just graduated from 8th grade. At their graduation the kids handed their parents a handwritten thank you letter and a red carnation. I didn't think to preserve the flower but I, of course, saved her tear-jerker of a letter. Thank you, you've given me a great idea on how to preserve her letter.
Getting to camp
Finally finally got to camp managed to get downloads and some background ideas thanks
Can't wait to use these. cute
Fantastic Ideas!
I have letters and pics from dad that I want to scrapbook, he was a SeaBee and deserve a place that can be seen by the whole family and not just stuck in a drawer
I'm loving #4 and #5. I have old letters from my grandma too. Good ideas here. Thanks!
Love this idea
I have a letter that my mom wrote me when I was a teenager that I haven't thought about until I saw this. I might have to dig it out and journal about the letter, then include the letter on the page.
Anyone else having trouble downloading the different journaling pages? All I get for the bigger sizes is the green one and the smaller ones just don't come out right...
These are some great ideas. My husband sent me an email on our anniversary a few years ago (he had to work and was gone all day). It was the sweetest letter he had ever sent me and I can't bring myself to delete it but didn't know how to preserve it. Thanks for the ideas!!
Thanks for the push...
I have a handwritten poem from my grandmother who has been gone now for 15 years. I hangs on my bulletin board. but thanks to this article, I now know what I want to do with it---create a lo in her honor including this lovely poem!
Holiday letterhead
Thanks tons for the journaling paper downloads! I receive many Christmas letters with pretty holiday letterhead each year. I have a hard time tossing them! I fold them in an accordian so just the pretty designs are visible as part of a holiday layout from that year. That way the letter is underneath, preserving that family's history too!
Letters Home
My son was just at band camp, and sent us two letters while he was gone. I wasn't going to do anything with them, but now I know how to scrap them!
Love this...
You know what, this is the most wonderful class yet. I am huge into journaling. It's so important to me to record details, and family history and stories. My husband and I have kept every single love letter we wrote one another before we were married 19 years ago, and every single card we've given each love notes! There are great ideas here of how to preserve those precious documents. Thank you!
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