How to Photograph Spring Foliage

by Candice Stringham
How to Photograph Spring Foliage

Looking for more tips on how to photograph spring in all its glory? Your search has ended! Here’s how to capture all the beautiful foliage:


1. Equipment. Sometimes photo-worthy tree branches will be close by and sometimes they’ll be far away, so having a good zoom lens comes in handy.  A zoom with macro is even better but not required.
2. Settings. One of the biggest challenges when taking pictures of spring flowers is the visual chaos. It’s difficult to take a good photograph when you’re dealing with numerous flowers and they’re all in focus. Why is this uncomfortable? There’s nowhere for the eye to focus. The next time you take a picture of tree branches, get in close, set your camera to aperture priority, and use an open aperture (a low number like 2.8) rather than trying to photograph the whole tree.

3. Backdrop. When photographing branches, watch what is in the background and try different angles. For the photo below, I shot from below on a sunny day and got the blue sky. In the example below, I photographed a picture when the sky was cloudy and got a white background.

4. Composition. You don't need to place everything in the center of your viewfinder and make everything symmetrical. In fact, sometimes having the scene asymmetrical and unbalanced is best. 
5. Scene. While close-ups are great, it’s important to take 1-2 photos from far back to capture the overall feeling of spring in your area. So, choose a landmark in your city (or a spot you go to every year for a spring pick-me-up) and take a picture there. 
Armed with these five tips, you should be able to take a nice stroll through your city park and capture spring as well!


If you want more spring photo ideas---this time for kids---check out this article.

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Foilage photos
I've always wondered the best way to photograph plant life because I love to capture the beauty of flowers. Now I can get it right every time. Thanks.
Spring photos
Thank you for this. I love the white flower sprig. I'll be trying the aperture method today.
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