Month by Month: October

by Amanda Probst

Month by Month: October

BE TRUE. Without getting into a debate about the "usefulness" of Halloween, I think we can all agree that there are times when wearing a mask and pretending to be something we're not is welcome and maybe even a little fun. I also think we often (perhaps unknowingly) mask on our layouts some of the truths of our lives in our efforts to present the life we want to preserve. We put a costume on our history. If I do that on every layout, however, years from now I won't be able to show my boys the trials they put me through. Why would they believe my advice on parenting if all the layouts I have are of them being wonderful?

This month's layout from my Month-by-Month Scrapbooking book focuses on removing the masks. It's all about being true and not hiding things. I could have just scrapped pictures of the boys' finished jack-o'-lanterns and called it good, but I wanted to capture the fact that my boys really don't like the process. Don't be afraid to tell all sides of a story!


Eww . . . by Amanda Probst. Supplies Cardstock: Prism Papers; Chipboard letters: Li'l Davis Designs; Felt flower border: Queen & Co.; Font: Tahoma; Adhesive: Scotch, 3M.

Here are three more ideas to consider this October:

1. Tell all. October is Family History Month. Do you have any interesting "black sheep" stories to share with future generations?

2. Share discoveries. In honor of Columbus Day, do you have any grand discoveries you'd like to share with the world? (If you happen to have invented a way to shrink things while packing, do let me know, okay?)

3. Get it off your chest. Go ahead. Share your pet peeves. I recently finished a layout about things I'd change if I were in charge. Even though nothing's actually changed, I feel better somehow.

Now for challenge time. For October, I challenge you to tilt your layout. It's totally easy, and it's a fun way to change things up! Post your work in our Month-by-Month scrapbooking group.


Also, here are five sketches from the layout above to help jump-start your creativity:



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Month by Month: October
How right you are about the other side of the story, sometimes they are the more interesting version instead of the same old thing.
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