Month by Month: June

by Amanda Probst

BE DIFFERENT. Even if you don't have a June birthday like mine (happy birthday to me!), this month probably marks a new beginning for you; the start of a new summer that will lead to a new school year or, at the very least, the change of seasons and all that comes with that. As we come out of spring and into summer, things start heating up and life takes on a different rhythm. This June, I plan to embrace the differences.


This month's layout from my Month-by-Month Scrapbooking book always makes me smile. I asked my sons what they thought their daddy does and simply recorded their observations. While some of the responses were expected, others were delightful in their honesty. I love that I have this record of how my sons thought at this point in time, and I love that it's different than how I would have said it.



What Daddy Does layout by Amanda Probst

What Daddy Does by Amanda Probst. Supplies Cardstock: Prism Papers; Patterned paper: BasicGrey; Transparency: Hambly Screen Prints; Photo corners: Pioneer Photo; Font: Rockwell; Adhesive: Scotch, 3M.


Here are three more ideas to consider this June:


Try something different. If you've always scrapbooked in a certain size or always create two-page layouts, challenge yourself this month to try something different! You might just be amazed at how much fun you have.


Note your schedule. Summer, for me at least, brings a whole new schedule from the rest of the year. Beyond just documenting those new things individually, make a layout showing your overall routine . . . a sort of "what I do over my summer vacation" layout.


Remember your wedding. June is often busy with weddings aplenty, and thus it's as good a time as any to reflect on your own wedding. If you're married, how was your wedding different from how you'd imagined? If you're single, how do you hope your wedding will be? How will it be distinctly yours?


Now for challenge time: For June, I challenge you to use someone else's perspective for your journaling. Whether it's asking your dad to tell the story of his favorite perk of fatherhood or finding out your daughter's thoughts on swim lessons, get that other point of view. Join in and you'll have the opportunity to win a copy of my book, Month-by-Month Scrapbooking (link to the store)! Find out more at my Month-by-Month Scrapbooking group


Also, here are five sketches from the layout above to help jump-start your creativity. Download them here (note: You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download these successfully.)


MBM June 2009 sketches



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