Layered Photo Collages Made Easy

by Deena Wuest

1,000 layout by Deena Wuest

If you saw the photo collage on my "1,000" layout on p. 53 of the June 2009 issue, you may be wondering, "How did she do that?" It's easier than you think to achieve this really amazing effect! Try it for yourself in Photoshop Elements by following these easy steps:


photo collage step

1. Open photo. Create new document and click and drag photo onto new document in project bin. Tightly crop (so only the face shows) into a square. Drag corner of photo to make the image tiny. Duplicate this layer (go to Layer > Duplicate Layer) and position directly beside the original. Select both layers, duplicate and reposition. Now select all four layers in the layers palette and repeat the above steps.


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Your layered photo collage "probably 1,000"
I have saved this extraordinary layout for all this time. I do not have nor know Photoshop. Ten years later, do you know how I could get something similar in a different program?
layered photo collage
this is so cute...i might just try this out....thanks a lot
help with step 3
I was so excited to try this on my Photoshop Elements 8 and am stuck on Step 3. PLEASE HELP me if you can. I am new to Photoshop all together and have no idea how to 'possition the copy of my original above the collage image in the layers palete.' Photoshop sure has a way of making us new-bee's feel not-smart.
Great idea, Thanks
Used PSE 7 worked out very well.
Help with Photshop 7
I had the same problem. The way I got around the layers not working is, I used another program such as publisher and copy and grouped them together there and save that file as a jpeg and then open that file in photoshop and went from there with the rest of the steps. Hope this helps
Please help me
I have adobe photoshop 7 and I can't get the layer to go side by side. I need help with the first step. I think this is a great layout and would really love to learn how to do it.
Please Help Me...
I just LOVE this effect and really want to do this with a picture of my niece from her graduation and am trying to use Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0, but am obviously doing something wrong - having no luck. Can this technique be done using PSE 6.0?
Thought this would be great to do with a picture of my granddaughter. Have tried and tried but can't get layers to position beside the original. Does it not work with Elements 5?
Love it!
Very self explanitory. thanks for the tip! I love doing different things with pictures. thanks
looks fun
hope I can do this....I'm not very computer litterate.
This is Great
Can this be done using Photoshop Elements 3.0?
Thank you!
Thank you for this article! Hope to try it soon. And this layout is so moving. Really.
I listed this layout as my inspiration for the month ... wanted you to know! Also, I think the quiktile or pattern feature would work for this also ... be even faster!
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