How to Download Fonts

If you're not sure how to download a font, here's how:


Downloading to a Mac

Important:  Please note and follow these steps before downloading the file.

1.  Press Ctrl + click "download"

2. Select "save linked file as" and check to see that the file name ends in .ttf. If it ends in .ttf.txt, delete the .txt suffix.

3. It is recommended that you save to your desktop.

4. Once the file has been saved to your desktop, double check to see that the file's extension is .ttf and delete .txt if it shows up at the end of the file name.

5. To load the font, simply drag it from desktop to your "Systems" folder.


Downloading to Windows

1. Click the "download" button

2. Click "save" and save to desktop

3. Click on your "start" menu and select "Control Panel"

4. Open the "fonts" folder. Note: You may need to change your view to "Classic View" before the "fonts" folder is visible.

5. Drag the font from your desktop to your fonts folder


Terms of Use

Read the Terms of Use for CK fonts here.

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Thank You for sharing them
Thank You
Thank you
I am hoping this new font will be just what I need for my 1930s era birthday card. Hopefully it will download and not have any glitches. Thank you.
Using the fonts on iPad
If you buy the Montage Magic app, you can download and use the fonts in that program on your iPad.
mac help
DBury - I was able to get the fonts on my Mac by searching for my Fonts folder and then dragging the file from my desktop to that folder. It installed automatically. Hope that helps.
Mac help please
I just tried to download ck cindy. It is on my desk top as a .ttf file. The instructions say to drag it to the System folder. Well, Mac doesn't really have folders. I have a "System Preferences" in my doc. I tried to drag it there. No luck. I tried to drag it to "Pages" which is where I would create papers and journaling and stuff. It wouldn't go there either. So, does anyone know how I can finish the download. Currently, it is still sitting on my desktop. Thanks.
Windows 7
In step 4 - If you don't see the fonts folder in the control panel in Windows 7 try this: Click the ‘View by’ dropdown and select large or small icons
Font Transparency
When you have the word Transparency in the title of the font, is there a special way to use it?
Thank You!
That was very easy and excellent instructions. I can't wait to use this on the inside of my next card. Thankyou!
that was easy
Was getting really frustrated trying to figure out how to get the fonts off the desktop into the word program..... missed step 4: change to "classic view". after that it was easy!
Vista users
I had to add an extra step....clicked download, save, then when download showed up on screen I right clicked "save with folder", then dragged download over to temp folder under desktop on listed options on the left. Opened temp folder, then right clicked on font title and clicked on install, gave permission to install.....done! HTH
How to download fonts in Vista
Here's how: Make a new folder somewhere on your computer where you will remember where it is. Name it anything and put it anywhere. I named my folder "Temp fonts" and put it in my Documents folder. Click on download font on this page like before but save it to your new folder. Open that folder, right click on the file, and click "Install." Wala! Done!
Vista users
Gotta love vista-or gotta hate it. Some programs just don't work with the Vista operating system. Frustrating but I think that is why we are not able to use the Free Font and continue to recieve error messages.
Vista users
Gotta love vista-or gotta hate it. Some programs just don't work with the Vista operating system. Frustrating but I think that is why we are not able to use the Free Font and continue to recieve error messages.
Free Font Download Problems
I followed the download insructions for Widows Vista, and when I try to drag the font from the desktop into my font folder, I get an error message "The file is not a valid font file & cannot be installed". Can you help me please?
HELP please
I downloaded the font to my desktop but can't find the fonts folder. My computer says it's downloaded but I can't use it-help please!
question about downloading
i'm using windows vista. when i try to drag the fonts to the fonts folder it doesn't do anything. is there something else i need to do?
Free fonts
Thanks for the free font--this is great
free fonts
I haven't seen the free fonts in a while at least 2 - 3 weeks what is the deal or is it over... I am sad if is over I love to get new fonts....
Free Fonts
They are giving away Free Fonts everyday this week. Go to this link:
Free Font Friday
I also want to know if you are not doing Free Font Friday anymore.
Becky's Font
Where's CK Becky as mentioned in the August 2009 issue?
Free Font Friday
I haven't been able to get any for two weeks also. Are you not doing Free Font Friday anymore?
Is Free Font Friday Over??
I haven't seen one for two I missing them or is it over?
Free Font Friday
Thanks for the fonts, they'll be a nice addition to my collection.
Free font friday
This font is so great! Thanks for including instructions as well!
creating keepsakes blog
The free fonts brought me here and I am so glad! The blog is wonderful and I am so excited about the new CK mag issue. I was going to let my subcription expire but changed my mind today!
Free Font Friday
I'm addicted! So easy! So useful!
Free Font Friday
Very cool! Now I am just hoping I can follow the directions and get it to work! Ha!
free fonts
I think it is a great idea about free font friday
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