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Information regarding the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame . . .
Will they or won’t they? This seems to be the scrapbooking question of the hour when it comes to whether or not Creating Keepsakes will run its always-popular Hall of Fame contest this year. To get official word, please read the following Q&A:

Q. Are you running the Hall of Fame and Scrapbooker of the Year contests in 2009?
A. No, both of these contests have been put on hold this year. This doesn’t mean they’re going away forever, only that we will reevaluate doing them again in 2010.

Q. What?! No contests?! Does this mean Creating Keepsakes magazine is going away?
A. Absolutely not. In fact, the decision to cut back in this area was made with the magazine in mind. By scaling back, we’re able to dedicate more resources to our magazine and continue providing you with fresh content and cool ideas.

Q. Why aren’t you holding the contest? Is it because you don’t have enough support?
A. Are you kidding? It’s because of you and your support that we have a magazine to share with the world. Unfortunately, like so many, we’re feeling the impact of doing business in a recession. Not holding the contest this year is a business decision that was made based on the current economic conditions, plain and simple.

Q. But being a HOF winner is on my “Things to Do Before I Die” list. What am I supposed to do now?
A. Since you’ve got a long life ahead of you, we ask that you sit tight. The contests are only on hiatus, and we promise to reevaluate both of them again for 2010.

Q. But I want to create. I have all of these fabulous designs in mind that I wanted to share with you, my CK friends. What are my options now?
A. We recognize the importance of our contests in finding and acknowledging fresh talent in the scrapbooking community, so we’re devoting a special section of our October 2009 issue to showcase your amazing pages.

Q. A special section just for our amazing pages? Tell me more.
A. Okay. We’re currently looking for your stellar, knock-your-socks-off pages. Do you have a layout (or six or more) that fits this description? Do you know of another scrapbooker whose scrapbook designs fit this description? If so, we want to hear from you. From the stunning pages received, the CK editorial team will select an assortment to be featured.

Q. How long do I have to prepare my crème de la crème ideas for consideration in the special section? After all, it’s not like these pages make themselves.
A. You have plenty of time—from now until May 10, 2009, to be exact.

Q. How do I send my pages?
A. We want this to be an easy process. All you need to send your pages is an internet connection and email access. Send photos of your pages to AmazingPages@CreatingKeepsakes.com with the words “Amazing Pages” in the subject line.

Q. I’m all about efficiency. Can I send several pages in one e-mail?
A. As much as we appreciate efficiency, we ask that you send no more than two images per email for a total file size not to exceed 500 KB per message.

Q. When can I expect to see the outcome of this amazing race . . . errr, search?
A. All selected designs will appear in a special section of our October 2009 issue of the magazine.

Q. Sweet! I’m off to create.
A. That’s not really a question, but we’re tickled by your enthusiasm and can’t wait to see your designs!

On a more serious note, we want to sincerely thank you for your interest in our contests. Your ongoing support is deeply appreciated. We hope you understand this decision that we’ve made to cut back during these trying times. And even though these contests are taking a little hiatus, we’re glad we can still provide an elite way to show off your stellar designs. We can’t wait to be inspired by what you come up with soon.

In the meantime, we’d love to pick your creative brains. When it comes time to reevaluate our Hall of Fame and Scrapbooker of the Year contests, we want to be ready with your ideas, interests and wants. If you have ideas you’d like to see implemented into future contests, we’d love to hear from you. Simply leave a comment on this article or email us (letters@CreatingKeepsakes.com  with “contest” in the subject line), letting us know what it is you love about these popular contests and what you would be interested in seeing added in the future. Thanks, creative friends. We value your feedback and look forward to reading your ideas.

The CK Team

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