Free Digital Kit

Jessica Sprague

Echoes of Asia kit by Jessica Sprague

Download your free Echos of Asia digital kit by Jessica Sprague.

Note: This is a 50MB ZIP file and it might take awhile to download, depending on your connection speed.


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Please review SORRY
I just opened below link and it worked, thanks!
Please review
Hi, I get a "Forbidden" titled page that says I am not allowd to download this.. could you please verify if it's still available? Thx!
click here to download
Just google Jessica Sprague echos of asia. Here is a link to download
Echos of Asia
This download link is not working anymore!
This Works
Still NOT Working---yuk
Unable to download
This is a beautiful kit and I would be delighted to have it.I have done everything suggested but am unable to download this.I can get to both links but I only get a picture of the kit,not an actual download.
REVISED: Clean link to get this download
Copy and paste this link to your browser's address bar to get this kit:
Link doesn't work - here's a fix
For those of you who got the "forbidden" message, simply go to Jessica Sprague's website and go to free downloads. It's right there and it works. Here's a link to help get you there faster: Happy Scrapping.
:( what are we forbidden? :(
Is there a way to download this without being forbidden? :( It says I'm forbidden to download it too. :(
forbidden also!
so, has anyone contacted the site for help? that's my next step.
I can't download this either
Help please!
That sucks!
I setup a profile and logged in hoping this was the problem...NOPE! Can't download, I am forbidden. :(
I am forbiddent too! loved the file--please let me know how I can access this file.
I love this digikit... thanks for sharing
sad face
i am forbidden too...
forbidden message
I got the same message about downlading..please advise
Forbidden Message
I was sad to have the exact same message as everyone else that has posted here. :( I hope this gets fixed as I cant wait to dip into these goodies! :)
Forbidden message
Is there any reason shy the Forbidden message is displayed when i try to download this beutiful looking kit. Has the offer expired?
Forbidden Error Page
Unable to download this kit @ 21/1/2010. So disappointed.
Not fixed yet :(
Error can't download this kit
Please fix this problem. Thank You.
forbidden error
unable to download this fabulous looking kit. Why?
Forbidden Error
Still can't download this kit.
Forbidden error
Same error as listed below... Bummer, it looks like a cool digital kit...
Don't know what the issue is but couldn't download this one.
I had the same problem that several others did. Julia
This is a first for me, I've never had trouble downloading anything but when I clicked to download a page appeared immediately with this Title: "Forbidden" and this message: " You don't have permission to access /images/ftp_images/ck/downloads/JSprague_EchoesofAsiaKit[1].zip on this server. " the next line says: " Apache/1.3.34 Server at Port 80 " Could you please have your tech people take a look at this? I'll come back another time and try again. Thank you anyway! :) "
thanks so much
a huge thank you!
I have trouble downloading this file... :((
I like items like this!
Thanks so much for sharing this kit! It is lovely! And thanks to candycain for info to get this kit!
Hello CREATING KEEPSAKES...can you please fix this downlaod problem? It is not accessible. Thanks!
way around forbidden
Go to Jessica's site, free stuff, downloads. You can get it there.
I'm unable to download as well. Can anyone offer a suggestion?
I am to. Not sure why.
I'm not allowed to download the file!
Thanks Jessica
Beautiful Kit!
when I try to download it says forbidden and won't let me. It's a beautiful kit
Love the papers
Thanks for the great download!
Love this!
Love it all!
So nice!!!!! Thank you for posting this!
very nice...TY
great digital kit
I love this, but don't know how to use it. I guess now is the time to try digital.
Love this style ! Thanks
This kit is beautiful and so versatile, Thanks so much
amazing colors!!
love it soo many amazing colors!!Also it all flows soo nicely
Thank kkk na jaa ^^"
Thank you!
This is a lovely kit, can't wait to make something with it. Leanne.
I want to add a little digital touch to traditional scrapbooking and this is helpful to get started.
Thank-you for the freebie!
Now all I have to do is figure out how to use it.
Thank you!
I'm a beginner to the whole digital thing, and I thank you for the freebie. I can't wait to use it!
Oh boy !!!! Goodies!
How very thoughtful of you! Thank you!
WOW is right!
This is an awsome kit. I can't wait to try it out. Thank you!!!!
This is awesome and to be able to download for free. Thank you so very much.
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