Free Fonts for NSD

Happy National Scrapbooking Day from CK! In honor of this day, we're bringing back some of our most popular fonts and offering them free of charge. Each of the three fonts featured has a different flair to give just the right touch to your pages. Enjoy these fonts for titles, journaling and more on your scrapbook projects.


For instructions on how to download fonts, or to trouble shoot problems, read this.


CK Terzini font

Download CK Terzini font




CK Anecdote font

Download CK Anecdote font




CK Newsclips font

Download CK Newsclips font



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Does anyone know where I can download the "fling" font for free? Or even a font like it? I have been searching and so far either the link is not valid or I have to pay lots of money. I would appreciate any help! Thanks so much!
I LOVE free font FRIDAYS!!!
I know how to make your own spray ink
buy the small spray bottles at sally's beauty supply, buy alcohol ink, your favorite color. Add the ink and water into the bottle and you've got spray ink. I use it all the time. It works great on fabric and paper. It only takes a little bit but if you want a stronger color add a tad more, it's up to you. It lasts forever. Try it, I think you'll love it. Amanda Canto.
Love these fonts, keep them coming!
I Love Your Magazine
Haven't scrapped for 6 months life has just taken over but a minute and loves these fonts. Thank you so much!
Awesome Fonts
i'm new to this, but i love these fonts. thanx
Thank you
Great fonts! Than you!
thank you
this is my first free font. I am so excited. can't wit to use the new font on a scrapbook page. thanks so much!
I love getting more free fonts. Thanks.
free fronts
thanks soo much for the free fronts-always in need of more!
I need all the help I can get
free fonts
Great! I have new fonts for my church programs!!!
Free fonts
I'm anxious to make use of them...thanks!
Why can't I download fonts?
Thanks so much for these three cool fonts! I girl can never have too many fonts can she?
Thanks a thousand!
Thank you so much.
Thanks a lot for the fonts. They are really great
Thanks, great for scrapbooking!!!
Great Idea!
Thank you, this improves our work, gives a touch of personality.. fun!
great font fun!
thanks for sharing these fonts - they're so much fun!!
thank you so much for the fonts. They are wonderful.
font download
When I clicked the download button, it did not download but open a page with jubbled text. I use a mac. What is the process in getting these free fonts? Thanks
Free fonts
Thanks for the free fonts. I have a compulsion tp acquire and ya'll feed my fire! Thanks bunches! S. Janice Deal
Thank you for the free fonts!!
Thank you!
Thank you for the fonts - they are great!
Thank you!
Always looking for something new and different. These are great. Thanks again.
Thanks for the fonts. These are great.
Simply download and save in:C:\WINDOWS\Fonts It works for me in Word. Great fonts, thanks!
Great fonts but.....
Great fonts, and thank you very much, but now that I have downloaded them, how do I use them? I usually use Microsoft Works, but these are of course not there.
When will others come out?
When will others come out and will be notified? I don't want to miss any of them.
Unable to download the fonts!
I'm on Windows XP and the links to Terzini, Anecdote and Newsclips fonts only open as .TTF files. Any assistance will be appreciated.
Can't wait to use them!
Great fonts but can't download.
Great fonts, but can't get them downloaded All it will do is open up a document to print. They won't download onto the computer.
Always appreciate a can hardly wait to put them into use.
Thanks bunches!
Free Fonts
Thank you so much for the free fonts for us to download!!!
CK Fonts
These fonts are Great!!! I can't wait to use them on my pages!!!
Looking for CK fonts
I had a lot of CK fonts but my computer went Lost everything can you help me to find them again -
Using Fonts in XP
Thanks for the Vista tips but does anyone have any tips for using the fonts in XP???
Thanks for the Fonts and Download Tips
Thanks for the free fonts and thanks to HutchVII for the Vista tips.
Awesome fonts!
If you are using Vista - you'll need to open the folder they are saved to, right click on each one individually & click the 'install' option; from there, they should load into your font choices (under ck--) Thanks CK for the freebies - you know scrappers love freebies!
They work for me:)
These are great! Thanks CK. I am on a mac. it will download into your default download location. You need to then click on the font and install it into your font book!
So what do you do to download the fonts if they won't download on a Mac?
Great fonts, but can't get them downloaded
All it will do is open up a document to print. They won't download onto the computer.
Wow, what a fab gift! Thank you! :)
Thank you!
Free Fonts
Love the terizini font - thanks
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