Free Digital Travel Brush Set from Scrap Girls

Download this incredible set of travel brushes free, courtesy of Scrap Girls.


Scrap Girls ScrapSimple Travel Brush Set



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Appreciate the download!
Scrapgirls Travel Brushes
AMAZING DOWNLOAD!!! How I ever missed this the first time -- I can't believe it!!! LOVE 'EM
thank you!!
They are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing! :)
Thank you for these, they will work perfectly in my travel album!
Thank you
Thank you for sharing these cute brushes!
My first time ever
I am not a computer girl but I like this one a lot so I am triying for the fist time. Thank you so much
Thank You
love scrapgirls :)
Yet another great download
thank you
very nice
Thank You!
I'm sure I'll use these brushes a lot.
Wow-So nice
These are very cool. Thank you so much.
travel brushes
they look fun and will fit right into a project I am working on
liked it but was blurred
It was blurred when I printed it what can I do.
I love these and get to travel here and there. I love to add up my quotes.
I travel a good bit and I love this.
Soooo Cute
Just perfect. . . just what I was looking for! Thank You Jamie
Thank you!
I live full time in an RV and these brushes are perfect for me!
How to use Travel Brushes
How do I use the download for the Travel Brushes? They look really cool.
Thanks for the brushes. :)
I'm going to travel next month, so this is going to be very useful when I scrap my pictures.
Just got back from vacation, can't wait to use. Thanks
thanks for freebie
I love freebies!
Can't wait to use these!
travel brushes
will work perfectly with our recent vacation pictures
Can sure use these
will use soon
Where do I save them
When I try to open they default to photoshop and disappear.
Click on the ' incredible set of travel brushes' link. That's where the download is.
thanks but why can't I download them
Went to Scrap girls website couldn't find it. Clicked on the above image and no luck. Anyone help???
Love them
Thanks Scrap Girls, I love your goodies.
Thanks a lot
Thank you so much Scrap Girls this great set I can use it as I have not yet scrapped my daughters honeymoon album. I don't know how to digi scrap yet but it is a great incentive to learn.
So cool!
This is awesome...thanks!
Thanks for will definitely get used!!
thank you so much
I appreciate the travel brushes
Thank YOU
Thanks to Scrap Girls.
Thanks! I can't wait to use them!
Thanks SO much!
Looking forward to using it!
Love it!
Can't wait to use it!
Yippie free stuff!
Thank you CK and Scrap Girls. I love SG products and am always happy to get free stuff. This set I can see getting a lot of use. Can't wait to download vacation photos this summer!
Thank you to CK and Scrapgirls
I love the travel brush set and will enjoy using it very much as I travel a lot and have tons of photos to scrap!
thank you!
love it! So, nice to add it to my collection. I can't wait to travel to use them ;D!
Scrap girls
I love this brush set. i have been a customer of Scrap girls for a very long time. thank you for this great freebie!
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