Free Digital Page Template

by Tiffany Tillman



page template by Tiffany Tillman


Free Digital Page Template

Tiffany Tillman created this free page template just for you! Simply open it in Photoshop Elements and add your photos. If you don't have Photoshop Elements, you can use the template like a page sketch for quick scrapping.


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Thank you
This will be my first attempt at digital
Great Temp
Thank you for the great temp. Love them¡
can't wait to have time to play
very helpful
I now travel to scraps with a small printer and these templates come in so handy!! Many thanks
Thanks so much !
I'm just getting into digital scrapbooking so these will help. thanks
Thank you very much!
It's great. The Download works perfect. For the others - you have to click on "page template" at the description.
This is a great one. I appreciate the template. I love the design and I'm new to digital and will use it alot. Thanks again.
Thanks very much.
Thank you, cute layout.
Better now?
I DO love this LO, worth trying third time!
My take on the template
Love the template
I love the Digital page template and now that I have taken some of Jessica Sprague's free classes, I may even be able to use it! Thanks' Hannah
Thanks for fixing the link - I'm looking forward to playing with this!
Thank you for fixing the link! I can't wait to use the template -- I love them!
Download link
Thank you so much for fixing the link! We will have fun with this LO.
Link is fixed now
Thanks for your patience. Have fun with the template!
Download links
This is the 4th or fifth time I try to download.where are the links?
Where are the freebies?
It seems this download isn't working. I'd also like the others mentioned in the August issue. Where are they?
I right clicked on template and did a "save as" not sure it is working as it should in photoshop" It is different than the other templates I have worked with but maybe this will help a little.
Still nothing to download
Clicking on the picture doesn't do a thing. Frustrating. Anybody on CK listening?????
Cannot download
There is no link to download. Clicking on the picture does nothing.
cannot download
Is anybody going to fix this????? Very frustrating to say the least.....
cannot download
not working for me either, strange.
Love the template, but I can't download...
clicking on the picture does nothing.
clicking is not working for me either. Hum!
Just clicking on the picture isn't working for me either. I'm using Firefox that why?
Just click on the picture of the template above.
Where's the link?
It works, just click on the picture!
I WAs able to get the brushes below, so I just tried it. Opens in Photoshop.
this is ridiculous
I can't believe a magazine such as CK would put downloads out and not have the link! It's unprofessional and is not the first time this has happened. You all need to get your acts together.
Cannot Download frames or travel brushes
Still no link to download templates and no link for Scrapgirls Brushes. HELP !
Unable to download
Love it. But I can't download either.
No way to download
Still no link to download templates and no link for Scrapgirls Brushes. HELP !
I love the digital page templates -- they are great!
no links?
Also, where is link to the Scrapgirls' brushes?
No link?
Is the link going to go live soon?
Same here
Where is the download link? Love this but HELP!
nice layout!
There is NO download link.....
Need e mail
How do I download?
I can't download the pages!
Please email me and let me know how I can download Tiffany's pages.
Where to download?
I've tried everything, can't figure out where to download. Help
Where should I click to download?
Is the link for download live?! It's a great template - thanks Tiffany. I'm keen to put it to work but can't find where to download!
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