Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking 3

by Jessica Sprague

Welcome to the online companion of Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking 3! Here you will find all of the reference information you will need to try the techniques in Jessica’s latest version of the popular series Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking.

Don’t have Photoshop Elements 7.0? Click here to download a free trial from Adobe.

Chapter 1 Photographs
From pages 34-35: Stamped Blocks Brushes-n-Stamps Set by Katie Pertiet (ZIP)

Chapter 2 Type
From pages 50-51: Curving Photo Template by Jessica Sprague (ZIP)
From pages 60-61: Summer Girl Design by Jessica Sprague (ZIP)
From page 66: Bonus – Cool Sites for Scrapbookers
Tools to Gather and Share
Tools to Design and Play  
Sites to Get Great Free Stuff  
Jessica's Favorite Digital Scrapbooking Shops:  
     Designer Digitals
     Jen Wilson Designs
     Little Dreamer Designs
     Sweet Shoppe Designs

Chapter 3 Embellishments
From pages 72-73: Beautiful Evidence Brush by Jan Crowley (ZIP)
From page 83: Chapter 3 Bonus – Digital Supplies for Every Scrapbooker
Journaling Brushes  
     Hello Life Title & Journaling Blocks by Ali Edwards
     Schmootzy Journaling Tags by Nancie Rowe Janitz 
Swirls/Floral Brushes  
     Hipster Plumes No. 17 Brush Set by Anna Aspnes 
     Floral Clusters No. 02 Brushes-n-Stamps  by Katie Pertiet 
     Free Refill Font by Fontologie 
     VT Portable Remington Font by Susan Townsend
     Seeing Stars by Blue Vinyl Fonts 
     Zymbols by Iconian Fonts
    Stitched & Stated Photo Frames by TaylorMade Designs 
    Vintage Boho Frames by Gypsy Chick 

Chapter 4 Design
From pages 112-113: Photo Template by Susan Weinroth (ZIP)
From pages 114-115: Library Pocket Template by Jessica Sprague (ZIP)

Chapter 5 Albums
From pages 128-129: Traditions Album by Marcia Bettich (ZIP)
From pages 130-131: Garland Album by Candice Stringham (ZIP)
From pages 136-137: Printable Tag Album by Katie Pertiet (ZIP)
From pages 138-139: Calendar Album by Jessica Sprague (ZIP)
From pages 146-147: Inspiration Cards by Jessica Sprague (ZIP)
From pages 148-149: Calendar Mini Album by Jessica Sprague (ZIP)

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Thank you
Thank you so much for the useful downloads, generously and freely given and for the inspiration you provide.
To vzickmund
The info you are looking for is probably in Computer Tricks 2. On pages 88 and 89, she modifies a stripe on digital patterned to another shade to blend with the photo. HTH! Carol
Recoloring digital paper
Somewhere I read how to color digital paper to suit your photos? Help me?
a big thanks
Thank you CK and Jessica, I can't wait to whip out a few mini calendar albums!
Thank you so much for the downloadables! This is really refreshing my memory on Adobe keystrokes in general, after 7 years of MS Picture It ;)
Home Decor by Marcia Bettich
Hi there, i am having trouble with the marbled tile project; I have my photos but I am not sure what Antiquing Glaze to use (the one I bought is not looking to good) and also, did Marcia do something else to her photographs like add Sepia tone to her b&w photos.. i can't find the article or help in the website. Thanks!!! Kristen
Tall Vertical Photos
Am I missing something on these directions? I can't seem to get this to work. After I follow the directions for step 1, nothing happens.
Thanks for this materials. They are great and give us the oppotunity to dive in along with the CT3 tutorials.
And worth the effort to find. I just wonder how many have given up. Well, at least I know where to look next time!!
Searched and searched...
Great site! Glad I found it!
Somebody dropped the ball ;(
Great downloads after you finally find the site. CK needs to get this fixed pronto.Web address listed in book does not work.
New Site
WOW!!! This is a great companion article to my new book, but why so hard to find?
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