Why Scrapbook?

Why Scrapbook?

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Welcome to the Creating Keepsakes magazine podcast! We bring you cool ideas & easy solutions for scrapbooking your memories.

I'm Megan Hoeppner, creative editor for Creating Keepsakes scrapbook magazine. Today we're going to talk about scrapbooking can help you not only document the important moments in your life but appreciate them as well.

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And now, Why Scrapbook?

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." These words from the classic 80s movie, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", weren't really about scrapbooking--but they could be. Taking time in your busy life to tell your story through scrapbooking--whether it's in traditional photo albums, computer-created albums, on blogs, or in journals--is not only a creative way to "stop and look around", it's a wonderful way to not miss the important moments in life.

Why scrapbook? Here are three great reasons.

Reason #1: Sharing your story through scrapbooking will mean a lot to future generations. Think back... what do you remember about your grandparents? How amazing would it be to be able to flip through a book to see a day in their lives? Now think forward... wouldn't it mean a lot to your kids, nieces or nephews or grandkids, to be able to see a day in your life today 30 years from now? Looking at photos will bring back memories, but photos alone can't capture the whole story behind them. That's where scrapbooking comes in. When you scrapbook, you preserve your unique stories for future generations to enjoy long after you're gone.

Reason #2: Scrapbooking is a fun, creative outlet.

Studies have shown the physical and emotional health benefits of creativity in our lives. Good news! Scrapbooking is a fun and creative! It allows you to express yourself and play with paper, ribbon, and even computer elements like fonts and digital brushes. And with scrapbooking being both creative and useful, you can't go wrong trying it!

Reason #3: Sharing your story through scrapbooking will mean a lot to your life now.

Because it helps you take time to preserve the experiences in your life, scrapbooking is the perfect way to follow Ferris Bueller's advice to "stop and look around once in awhile." It's pretty amazing, really: when you start scrapbooking your story, you start to see your life as the precious thing it really is. Scrapbooking reinforces the importance of your experiences, helping you gain a greater appreciation for the people and events around you. It's impossible to "miss" life--even though it does move pretty fast-- when you're taking time to scrapbook it.

That's all for today. Visit us online at creatingkeepsakes.com for more scrapbooking tips & solutions or to subscribe to our magazine. And be sure to visit our sponsor site, Tamron.com, for award-winning camera lenses to make your scrapbooks shine.

If you have a question or a topic you'd like us to cover on the Creating Keepsakes podcast, email us at letters@creatingkeepsakes.com.

And remember: when you scrapbook, you're not only sharing your story, you're creating keepsakes.

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First of all, let me say: good for Creating Keepsakes to start using this medium as well. When used in a good way, this is an awesome way to stay in touch with your consumers. But... (sorry, you probably felt this coming) there is a lot of room for improvement here. And that's ok, that is what happens when you try things for the first time, right? Gosh, I only have 200 words... In short: - length: too short and therefor short on content - if it is only 1 page of text to read on your site, why would I listen to it? - the size of the file is way too big for such a short podcast I like the idea of a CK podcast, I just don't think this is the right content. But I will definitely check out your next try. Thanks for reading this!
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