When To Overlap Photos on Scrapbook Pages

by Brittany Beattie


When you have several photos, how do you decide which ones are good candidates for an overlapped-photos design? Check out the list below for some helpful hints and examples.


1. When extra photo subjects, whether friends or strangers, are in the picture but are not part of the particular story you want to tell, it’s okay to layer another photo on top of them. In the photo below, for example, the extra photo subject takes away from the story of the gift opening because he is a bystander who doesn’t appear to be the gift giver. Tip: When covering up people, try to cover them completely or not at all.



Scrapbook overlapping photos




Scrapbook overlapping photos



2. If grass, sky, or a wall fills a majority of the photo, overlap some of it.

3. When dirty dishes or piles of laundry are visible in a photo, cover them to avoid drawing attention to them.

4. If a portion of your photo is the same as part of another picture being included on the layout, then you don’t need to repeat the image. Show it once on the first picture, and layer another photo over the repeated element of the second photo.

5. When someone moves in part of the photo as the picture is being snapped, that movement is sure to be blurry. Overlap these blurred sections.


For a layout that incorporates these photo overlapping techniques, please see the Creating Keepsakes article featuring fast pages with 4" x 6" photos.


These photos, and additional technique tips about how to fit more photos on a scrapbook layout, appeared in the November-December 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

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