Video Tutorial: Eliminate Distracting Elements using Photoshop Elements

by Lori Anderson

Have you ever taken a photo of a landmark or another beautiful setting, only to find that someone has walked into the frame and disrupted your shot? Use a tripod and shoot in continuous mode, and take multiple photos of the landmark. Then "erase" the wayward tourist later using Photoshop Elements. After following this easy technique, you'll have beautifully cleaned-up photos to use on your scrapbook pages.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to remove those distractions using Photoshop Elements' Groupmerge: Scene Cleaner.


Check out the July/August 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine to read more about this great technique!



Are you looking for more video tutorials? Working with group photos? Be sure to watch our video tutorial on how to create a group photo in Photoshop Elements.

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I have been banging my head on the keyboard over PSE. This helped so much!
Great tutorials!
I did enjoy watching both of these. I have PSE and am learning something new every day. Keep the tutorials coming - there is so much to learn in PSE - LOVE IT!
Please Keep More Photo Tutorials Coming!
I have iLife for my mac, but I'm considering upgrading to something like Photoshop just to do this sort of editing. This tutorial is really, really helpful. Keep 'em coming! Thanks!
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