Scrapbook How To: Using the Rule of Thirds to Create Fabulous Photos

by Natalie McConnell

The Rule of Thirds divides your photo into imaginary vertical and horizontal lines, creating equal thirds each way. When you place objects on the four intersecting points of the created grid, the Rule of Thirds will give your photos symmetry, depth, and added emotion.

Photo by Elisha Snow

Photo by Elisha Snow, as seen in the July/August 2012 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine, p. 89.

Elisha Snow's photo demonstrates how you can use the Rule of Thirds to give more emotion to your photos. Your eye is immediately drawn to Elisha's son, whose eyes rest on the bottom-right intersection of the Rule of Thirds, and then to her other son holding the flag on the upper-left intersection. 

Because Elisha set the most heartwarming parts of her phots as these focal points, she has created a great blend of emotion and art. 

Try setting your focal points at the intersection of the Rule of Thirds grid, like Elisha did, to add more emotional dimension to your photos. Most cameras offer an option to display the Rule of Thirds grid on the LCD screen, making it easier to perfectly compose your photo.

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If your camera doesn't offer this, or if you'd like to crop your photos using the Rule of Thirds grid, check out our easy Rule of Thirds download.

Summer Pride by Elisha Snow.

Elisha's layout is designed to make her Rule of Third photo pop. Using simple vertical and horizontal lines and embellishments to frame her photo, Elisha has complimented the Rule of Three grid in her photo. Placing her photo in the upper-right intersection of the layout, the photo of Elisha's sons still remains the focal point of the page.

To see additional photos using the Rule of Thirds, take a look at July/August 2012 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

For even more tips on how to capture stunning photos for y our layouts, check out "Photo Tricks" in the other issues of CK.

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