Computer Tricks: Type on a Curve

by Jessica Sprague

Type on a Curve

Are you ready to add an eye-catching detail to your pages? Try typing in curves and swirls! Depending on the font you choose, curving type can either be fun and playful, or eye-catchingly romantic. You can achieve this effect in Photoshop Elements by downloading "text paths" created in the full version of Photoshop and replacing the text with your own words. It's easy and fun, and I'll show you how to do it!


B-day Bot by Jessica Sprague. Supplies Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0; Printer: Epson R1900; Photo paper: Epson Premium Photo Paper Semi-gloss; Patterned paper: BasicGrey (yellow), Fancy Pants Designs (black and stripe) and Earth Wind and Sky Paper Set by Michelle Coleman; Chipboard: Fancy Pants Designs (star), Heidi Swapp for Advantus (letters) and KI Memories (tag); Button: KI Memories; Font: 2Peas Stop Sign; Adhesive: Mono Adhesive, Tombow.

Curving type can add a fun, playful flair to any page. For this layout, I paired my set of five text paths with a chunky, fun font and placed my journaling on a blue background before printing it. The result is a great focal element that resembles party streamers. Love it!

For more looks with this technique, check out the "Computer Tricks" article in the October 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes.

Download these free text paths now and start playing with curved text today.

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Thank you!
This is so nice to have this short cut for photoshop to work with my photos. I'm new here and very excited to get started.
Finding the text tool
I cannot find the text tool. Do you need Photoshop?
Putting words in side words in a circle
How do you put a word or words in side a circle of words? I can do the circle in words but it won't let me put a word or words inside it.
If we don't have Photoshop?
If we don't have Photoshop, can this be done in other programs? Thanks!
Thank you
These are great. Thank you very much.
this makes life so easy
Thanks for the text paths. I have PSE6 and they work perfectly and are so easy and impressive.
PSE Text Paths
In CK, mostly everyone loves PSE for scrapping. But I just want to say that I find PSE very confusing and complex. I use MS Publisher instead. It doesn't allow me to edit the pictures alot, but for the journaling and placement of pics, it is much more simple and works great. I can do text paths easily using wordart. Much easier than MS Word. So there are options out there ladies (and gents).
Text Paths
What program is needed to use these text paths?
thank you
thanks for sharing :)
Type Paths
I love using these...thanks so much!
Text Paths
Do you have to have a specific program to use these text paths. I downloaded them and can't find them on my computer.
type on a curve
I am so new at this{-" I have downloaded the text paths, tired to open, asked me where, I selected pse but didn't know what to do next, what file to put it in? Layers? plugins? Help. want to try this.. thanks in advance.
I'm so Excited
I'm so excited I can't wait to use this on one of my pages! Thanks CK for teaching me how to do something new with Photoshop!
Text paths
What a great and useful article! Thank you!
Thank you, collettedesigns!
I appreciate your explanation, and yes, it made total sense! Just one question: you mention that you can change the size of the squares -- can you tell me how to do that? I assume you have to edit in the view with those checked squares and can't drag them item to your new document and then edit there? Thanks again for your time collettedesigns!!
Checkered Background
JRDrexler, The grey checkered background behind the text path is just there to show you that there actually is no background. It means that when you drag an item over to put on your page, just the item (image or text) will drag over. Sometimes, if the checkered background wasn't there, and instead there was a white background or something, when you drag the item over to your page, the entire white background would transfer along with the item. I don't know if this makes a lot of sense! It means that the background is basically clear. If it's too busy, you can go to the settings for Elements and change the size of the squares. I have mine set to larger squares because I also thought they were too small to see smaller items on top of it. You can also try clicking on the magnifier tool on the left side tool bar & zoom in some. That might help! Let me know if this doen't make sense to you! I'm by far not a pro at photoshop or anything, but there are a few things I may know! :)
Step by step
Does anyone get grey checkered background behind the text path? When I open it in Adobe Elements to edit it with the type tool, it has a grey checkerboard background behind it and I don't know how to get that to go away so I can see what I am typing...Once I am done typing and move it to the new document, it goes away. I can only seem to edit the text path before I move it, and not after...I'm a newbie to Adobe Elements and this has been so frustrating!!
step by step
when i click the type tool - i get told it needs to set it to paragraph type to continue, and i can't figure out how to change it back after i have typed my line?
Step by step
Try this: After unzipping the text paths, 1. Press Ctrl+N to create a new document 2. Open the text path. 3. Click the move tool (arrow) 4. Click and drag the path down to your new document 5. Click the type tool (the T) and double click anywhere on the path. 6. Delete the text and type your own. HTH!
Font Curves
I loved the idea and will try it tonight
Text Paths
Thanks for the downloads. I love them but have spent the last 2 hrs trying to do it and cant....ARRRGGGG Im not versed at all with photoshop... any advice...Exact step by step might help a slow learner as
thanks CK!
You're always so generous with freebies. Thank you for everything!
text paths
Thank you so much for helping me add variety to my pages!
Text paths
I have been waiting for a very long time for this tool. Thanks so much.
curved text
Thanks for this download. I really like the look of curved text on a page.
curved text
Thanks! Love these-they'll get a lot of mileage on my pages!
curved text
thanks for opportunity to try for free - i really enjoy all the advice you give and the chance to play too
curved text
There is no link to start the download.
Where can I download the text path?
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