Top 10 Photos to Take with Leaves This Fall

by Brittany Beattie

Photograph your children and the splendor of autumn colors with one of these photo ideas for fall.


1. Have your child hold a leaf with her arm fully extended in front of her. Zoom in so the leaf fills the bottom two-thirds of the photo and the face fills the top one-third.

2. Lie on the ground below a tree, and photograph your child with the tree's leaves filling the background.

3. Photograph a tree so the leaves fill one-third or two-thirds of your photo and blue sky fills the rest.

4. Photograph a tree where one or two leaves are several feet away from the other leaves. Use your camera's portrait or macro mode to focus on the closer leaves, which will blur the leaves behind them. This approach is especially stunning when the leaves in the background have turned a different color from the leaves in the foreground.

5. Have your children hold hands and walk down a tree-lined path. See the photo below.


Fall photograph

Photo by Jaime Ward


6. Encourage your son to make a "leaf angel" (similar to a snow angel) while you take a picture standing behind him.

7. Have your child lie down in the leaves. Kneel on the ground to the side of her, and take the photo positioned close to the ground so the leaves fill the bottom of your viewfinder and grass fills the top of it, with your child positioned between the two-or vice versa. Tip: You may need to sweep away some leaves to reveal the grass below them.

8. Photograph your child tossing leaves into the air.

9. Stack a pile of leaves, fan them out slightly, and have your child peek behind them.

10. Have your child kneel, and photograph him from above to capture the colorful leaves on the ground. He will be the center of attention rather than being dwarfed by tall trees. See the photo below.


Fall photograph

Photo by Jaime Ward


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October 2010 Creating KeepsakesThese tips originally appeared in the October 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. To see quick-and-easy scrapbook pages created with fall photos, check out the October 2010 issue, which you can purchase here.

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fall photos
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Fall Photos
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