Tips for Pet Photos You'll Love to Scrapbook

by Kim Jackson
Tips for Pet Photos You'll Love to Scrapbook

As a scrapbooker, you rely on photos to step in where words fail to convey your emotions about your furry (or feathery) best friend. But whether you're looking to scrapbook your cat, your dog, or your iguana, you don't need to know all the technical ins and outs of your camera in order to take the shots that will bring your love for your pet to life on your scrapbook pages.

12x12 Digital Scrapbook Layout by Joey Manwarren

Amos by Joey Manwarren as seen in the February 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes.

Set Up a Personality-Filled Pet Portrait

You don't need to be a master photographer to capture your pet's personality. Often all you need to do is get down on your pet's level and use natural light. Your layout about your furry friend will benefit from the photo filled with his darling (or not) disposition.


Candid Photo of Cat by Joey Manwarren

Capture the Details with a Simple Shot

Show your pet in his natural environment with a quick candid shot. These shots are perfect for catching funny little quirks and habits and for sharing on your layouts how those personality details make you laugh.


Cat Closeup by Joey Manwarren

Use Your Camera to Create a Superstar Effect

Make your cat or dog look like the superstar he is by getting in close and using a 50 mm lens. This type of shot is perfect for showing off your pet's beautiful fur and the sparkle in his eyes; those little details that you'll always remember about him. Remember to turn off your flash and use natural lighting to avoid red eye.

Joey's Camera Settings

  1. Camera: Nikon D50
  2. Shutter Speed: 10/500 sec.
  3. Aperture Value: f/2.8
  4. Focal Length: 50 mm
  5. ISO: None



8x11 Scrapbook Layout

Humiliating by Linda Sobolewski as seen in Scrapbooking Everyday Memories.

Capture their Personality with Action Shots

Set your camera in Sports mode and zoom in to capture your pet's expression while he or she is on the move. Linda Sobolewski's shot of her cat post-haircut gives you an eye-level view of Piper's hilarious expression. And the slightly blurred background lets you know that Piper is moving fast. Notice how in the left photo, Piper's head fills up the top two-thirds of the photo, making this a great example of the rule of thirds at work to make a photo dynamic and engaging.


12x12 Layout by Laina Lamb

If Frank Ruled the World by Laina Lamb as seen in Scrapbooking Everyday Memories.

Use Off-Kilter Angles to Engage Your Viewer

By using natural lighting and getting down on your pet's level, you can take a fabulous photo that will shine on any page (see Joey Manwarren's photo). But when you're setting up a quick shot of your pet, consider tilting your camera, like your pet always tilts his head. The quirky angle can make for an exciting change of pace in your album and grab your viewer's attention.

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Discover more exciting ways to take photos that you'll love to scrapbook in the February 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes.


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