Tips & Tricks: Inventory Sheets

by Megan Hoeppner


In my January 2010 Tips & Tricks column, I wrote about needing to decide what kind of organizational method works for you before you begin tracking the goods you own. I tend to be a colors and themes scrapbooker, and I shared lots of different examples of my system in the January issue, so be sure to check it out.

I organize my sheets according to tool type (stamps, inks, paints, dies and punches). To create your sheets, download a free blank inventory sheet and print one for each type of tool you want to inventory. Fill in what you have by adding product samples in the grid spaces. For example, I stamped different colors of pink and red inks from my collection on the sample above.

Download the blank inventory sheets and start creating your own organizational notebooks today!


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Great Idea
I'm trying to organize my scrapbook space now...this will help a lot...Love the ink idea, great way to see the exact color without having to ink up a stamp and try it. Saves time and ink.
One of my resolutions for the year is to get more organized so I can use more of my current supply. I can't wait to use these to make samples of all the paint I have on hand so I can more easily match to my projects, meaning I'll use it more often :)!
Inventory sheets
These are great! I think I can use them in so many different ways - even putting the stamps of sets on them so I don't have to guess what's where! Thanks so much.
Awesome Idea!!
I was wondering how I could do this so I am not buying duplicates of things....Thanks for a great idea!!
Thank you
I have been thinking of a way to make an inventory of my stash. This is going to make that task a whole lot easier. Eveline.
Great idea!!!
I love organization and this is a perfect tool for just that purpose. Thank You
Inventory Template
I too have been keeping inventory with my stamps. When I buy new stamp I put its image in my Inventory 3-ring notebk before I file it away. Also do samples of "Stickles", glitters, punches, etc.
Inventory Templates
I made a book very much like this several years ago, but without the template. My supplies have grown considerably, and I am happy to have your template so I can start all over!! Thanks for sharing!!
I love this IDEA
Megan, this is a great idea. This will help me get organized. I often forget what I have. Thanks again. you have the best ideas
Thank YOU
So glad you like this solution. I hope you find it helps in your quest for a more organized scrap life. It's certainly helping me with that noble goal! ;)
I am sure the inventory sheet will be great help with get everything organized.
I created the same thing on a 9.5''x6''. But I think Im about to d it overs and use the invenory sheet. My little one is getting kind of crowded and I don't have room for any of my new stamps. So thanks again for the download.
I've made something similar to keep track of my punches as well as inks. Thanks for sharing the download.
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