Sports Poster Effect for Scrapbook Pages

by Lori Anderson

Inspired by Linda Rodriguez's design on page 85 of our June issue, I've created this fun sports poster for my son, Zack. I've detailed the steps below so you can create your own poster-like effect. All you'll need is a photo, one digital patterned paper, and Photoshop Elements.

Poster Image


1. Open your photo in Photoshop Elements and crop to the desired size using the Crop tool. Be sure to leave space to the side of the photo to place your text. Select File > Save As and rename your new photo.

Poster Screen Shot 1

2. Open your patterned paper and click on the Move tool. Drag and drop the paper down on to your photo in the Project Bin. I've chosen to use a paper from the Up at the Villa kit by Erica Hite at

Poster Screen Shot 2

3. Select your Marquee tool and click and drag over the subject in your photo and press delete on your keyboard to remove the patterned paper.

Poster Screen Shot 3

4. Select your Eraser tool, and in the Options Bar, select a large feathered brush (mine is 1000 px) and click and hold and drag the eraser on the edge of the paper to fade out the hard edge.

Poster Screen Shot 4

5. Next, click on the Set Foreground color swatch, and with your eyedropper tool, click on a color in your patterned paper and click OK.

Poster Screen Shot 5

6. Click on the Gradient Tool, and in the Options Bar, double-click Foreground to Transparent in the Gradient Picker.

Poster Screen Shot 6

7. With the Gradient Tool still selected, click near the edge of your patterned paper and drag 1/3 of the way onto your photo. This creates a slight blending of the colors. You may need to undo (Ctrl+z) and repeat this step to get the desired effect. If the color is too dark, lower the opacity in the Layers palette.

Poster Screen Shot 7

8. Finally, select the Text tool and add your text. I've followed Linda's lead and altered the font types and colors for a fun effect.

Poster Image

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Gr8 Idea!
I don't digi scrap,but if i can figure out how to pull this off with an 8x10 or 12x12 this would be gr8 in my son's football book.
Perfect coach gift
I was looking for something to do with my scrapbooking and Yankee paper for my daughter T ball coach. I have of picture of kids back with their name and his son's hits the ball. You and Babe Ruth (a Yankee) made the perfect gift to frame. Love it. Thanks
I Love this page
I have 2 grandsons playing ball and this will be a great page for their albums ~ Thank You
I Love this page
I have 2 grandsons playing ball and this will be a great page for their albums ~ Thank You
Sports Everyday
I like the look of this technique so much, I'm looking for an "everyday" idea to use it since there are no sportsmen in my family.
I love this!
I will definitely have to try this.. my kids play lots of sports and Im always looking for cool effects to make the pictures not look the same year after year.
Cool technique
Thanks for sharing this. I will definitely try this.
Great technique!
Thanks for sharing this great yet simple technique! This is one I will try in the very near future. Pedita Hall
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