September 2009 Mail Call

Check out a sampling of the letters CK has received this month. These letters sent by our readers help us improve each issue of Creating Keepsakes to give you exactly what you want every month. What's on your mind? Send us an e-mail and let us know. Your letter could be featured online!


Please Include Page Numbers with Sketches

I enjoy the section of the magazine that provides sketches that can be found throughout the magazine.  But I was wondering if you could include (next to the sketch) the magazine page that I can find the layout on.  I spend so much time trying to find the matching sketch.

 -Tena Caduto, East Providence, RI


Editor's note:

Thank you, Tena. We would really like to print the page numbers next to the sketches in the magazine. Unfortunately, our printing schedule prevents us from being able to print the page numbers. (We are required to send the file for the sketches sheet before the page numbers are finalized for the rest of the magazine.) But we'd love to save you time looking for them. Click here for a key to help you find the sketches in our September 2009 issue.


Don't Ever Change!

I love Creating Keepsakes. I buy it at the store every month. It's fun, it's inspiring, and I need it more now than ever. Please keep it the same. You have so many loyal readers that love it and buy the products that are advertised.

-Malia Karlinsky, Kirkland, WA


Try Another Angle

When I see the beautiful scrapbook rooms and spaces you feature in the "Creative Spaces" column, I am jealous and sad---and less than inspired. I think you are portraying an unattainable picture of perfection that many of us in this recession-driven economy cannot attain and can only dream of. How nice it must be to have beautiful rooms-but is that reality? Is that what most scrapbookers have? I would love to see an article with a room that is as makeshift as mine. I would love ideas on how to make my room look better.

-Laura Wright, Brantford, Ontario, Canada


Editor's note:

Hi, Laura. Thanks so much for taking the time to write. You'll be happy to know that while we will continue to show some larger rooms for our readers who like seeing those "dream" spaces, we are aware that others (like you) are looking for more practical and realistic tips for creating an efficient and attractive scrap space on a limited budget or within a smaller square footage. We recently put out a call for photos of more attainable rooms, so look for some of those to be featured in future issues of the magazine.


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Creative Spaces articles in magazine
I may be wrong, but I thought I saw a blurb that said I could go online to see more details of some of the scrapbook rooms you have featured. Where is that?
pitiful space
I scrapbook on a sheet of plywood that's laid across a foozeball table! When we want to play foozeball, we lift my "scrap board" off and play. It's very limited, but I don't want to wait to create till I have more space, so I go with what I have!! It would be nice to see other scrapbookers with less than ideal workspaces featured.
Try another angle
I have to agree with Laura! I don't even have a "room" to call my own, but I have an "area" and it will be nice to the photos of the more obtainable areas/rooms! I still love to dream, though!
Where is it?
I want to be able to sign up for the Brad Bonanza but I can't find it here anywhere. Please help!! Betsey Spirit Lake, IA
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