Scrapbooking is Theraputic: Strategies for Gaining Perspective and Healing Through Scrapbooking.

by Suzy Plantamura

While our lives are made up of many smiling, happy moments, they are also full of challenges and teary events. Often we find that as we're going through a difficult time, writing down our thoughts and feelings or expressing ourselves creatively can help us to heal, grow, and gain new perspectives on our lives. This makes scrapbooking an ideal outlet during these trying experiences.

Let the scrapbook layouts in this article inspire and motivate you to express your feelings and tell your full story-not only the good, but the bad and the ugly as well, because it needs to be shared!



scrapbook layout

The Things I Would Love To Tell You by Suzy Plantamura, as seen in the January 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes.


Express Your Feelings in a Letter

By writing someone a letter to tell her or him how you feel and scrapbooking it, you're able to feel a sense of peace and closure even if she or he will never read your letter.

            I've always wanted to document my feelings about my birth mom because I've had so much bottled up inside me that I'd want to say to her if she were still alive. To get all of my feelings out, I decided to write a letter to her. I created this page with the only picture I have of us together, and I put the letter to her on the inside flap so it's hidden. Making this page was so therapeutic and rewarding for me because it gave me the chance to share my feelings with her, and most importantly, to thank her for the role she played in giving me life.


scrapbook layout

The Hardest Part by Mandie Pierce, as seen in the January 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes.


Document Your Feelings About Your Struggles

Layouts depicting real life struggles are necessary to show future generations how we felt in our lives and what we struggled with on a daily basis. Scrapbook a layout about yourself and record your feelings about the challenges you're facing and also about trials that you've overcome. Layouts like these will help you gain perspective and realize your strength as you express your trials and triumphs.

            Mandie knows how much it'd mean to her to find a journal from her great-grandma, so she uses her layouts as a way to create her own life journal. And journals should contain all parts of your life, including your happiness, your hopes and dreams, and your difficulties. Mandie says, "It's not that events like birthdays and holidays aren't important. They are. But for me, the most important parts of our stories are the ones that tell what has made us who we are."



scrapbook layout

Lucky in Love by Megan Hoeppner, as seen in the January 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes.


Acknowledge a Loss in Order to Gain Closure

Creating a page about a loss such as a miscarriage can help you to gain a sense of closure and give it the importance it deserves.     

Megan Hoeppner had miscarried her first pregnancy when she made this sweet page. She chose to put her ultrasound photo and journaling in envelopes on her layout, which is a great way to "hide" difficult things that you want to keep, but don't want out in the open.

            Creating this layout was part of Megan's healing process. She said, "This is the story of our sweet baby, which we lost to a miscarriage. It's important that we remember this baby, even if we only had it for a few months. By creating this page, I feel I've given it a permanent spot in our life, a spot that will last long after we're gone."


Learn more strategies for gaining perspective and healing through scrapbooking and see more inspiring layouts in the "Creativity Heals" article in the January 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes.


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