Scrapbook Life's Love Songs

by Dorathy Gilchrist

When you are trying to scrapbook but may be having a creative block, or can't quite come up with the way to present a story on a scrapbook layout, use song lyrics as your inspiration!


Use Part of the Lyrics as Your Title


Waitin' on a Woman by Mou Saha, as seen in the February 2011 issue.

If the subject of a song is closely related to the topic of your layout, use the song's lyrics, or title as Mou has done, as the title to your page. Then tell your own story.


Use Select Lyrics

Love to Love You, Baby by Layle Koncar, as seen in the February 2011 issue.

Sometimes only the title or a single phrase from a song perfectly describes the feelings you have about the subject you want to scrapbook. If the rest of the song has nothing to do with your story, just use the lyrics that do, as Layle Koncar has. She described her love for running using lyrics from a song about romantic love.


Include All the Lyrics


Brighter than Sunshine by Mandy Douglass, as seen in the February 2011 issue.


Sometimes the story on your scrapbook layout is so personal that it's difficult for others who see your page to relate. In these cases, include the lyrics to a song that describes a more common experience to explain how you feel. Mandy shared her story of the birth of her son, and the subsequent physical challenges she faced, by using the lyrics to a song about finding true love--something more people have gone through. Understanding the feelings in the song can help the viewers understand how you feel in your story, even if they've never been through your experience.    


For links to love songs that inspired these and other layouts from the February 2011 issue, read "'Scrapbook Life's Love Song's' Links" at


 More Layout Inspiration

In 2010 Creating Keepsakes Conventions offered a Life's Lyrics class where participants created a mini album in which the story of each spread was inspired by a favorite song. In 2011 you'll find a new assortment of great classes, like the Think Ink or Scrappin' with Sketches classes. To learn more about and register for upcoming Creating Keepsakes events, click on the Events tab at



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I love Using Songs for my pages
I was so happy to see in the FEB issue about Love Song Titles for pages. I have several pages I have used love songs as the Title or lyrics as journaling
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