Scrapbook 100 Photos in an Evening

by Deena Wuest

Don't think you can scrapbook 100 photos in an evening. You can! With this little secret, you're guaranteed success: all you need is a formulated design strategy and a strong plan prior to "go" time.


The secret to successfully scrapbooking 100 photos is actually quite simple. Here it is broken down into three easy steps.


GET READY (Decide prior to "go" time)

  • Select a theme. Choose what type of layouts or album you want to create (e.g.: year in review, holidays, baby, sports, heritage, etc.)
  • Select a design strategy. Choose a simple design that can be used and reused throughout your entire album. Keep it simple. Keep it consistent. 
  • Select a formula. Use one of our predetermined formulas or feel free to create your own. Whatever it is, write it down, and stick to it.


GET SET (Complete prior to "go" time)

  • Select photos. With your strategy in mind, review your photos, and select the amount called for in your formula.
  • Print and trim photos. Since you have your design plan in place, you should know exactly at what dimensions to print and/or trim your photos. Upload photos and order online if you're using a professional printer.
  • Select products. Use one collection or a kit to simplify the selection process and provide consistency throughout the album. I can't stress this enough! When you streamline your choices, you'll finish your pages in a fraction of your normal time.
  • Pre-trim/pre-print items. If you know you'll need multiple pieces of the same item, pre-trim or pre-print them now.
  • Gather tools. In addition to your scrapbook products, gather your paper trimmer, ruler, scissors, and lots of adhesive.
  • Purchase an album or photo sleeves. Make sure you have the proper home for your completed project.


GO (It's time!)

  • If you have checkmarks on all of the above, congratulations! The hardest part is already done.
  • Have fun!


Download this easy checklist for your next scrapbooking project. It will have you finished with those 100 photos in no time!

100 Phots In an Evening Checklist


Find downloads to make the work go even faster at Free Templates for Scrapbooking 100 Photos In An Evening and More free Templates for Scrapbooking 100 Photos In An Evening.


And find additional strategies to help you scrapbook those 100 photos tonight at Scrapbooking in the September 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.


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I love that idea and would like to know which stamps you used for spelling the months for that album and where I can get them - they are fabolous!
article :scrapbook 100 photos in an evening"
I would like to know what photo sleeves P. Talvanna used in her article for the Sept issue of CK?? Thanks, Karen
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