Scrapbok How To: Spray Ink for Rainbow of Color

Take a look at one cool-as-can-be way to create a background using a combination of a plastic mask and some simple cardstock. Remember to switch out your cardstock as needed to keep it from becoming saturated; you don't want color bleeding from one stripe to the next.

Click here to view a larger image of this layout.

My Little Dog Toy Killer by Teri Anderson, as seen in Mixed Media Scrapbooking Vol. 2.


How To

1. Lay plastic mask on cardstock. Cover most of the mask and background with cardstock.

2. Spritz spray ink over mask and let dry.

3. Remove mask and cover inked area with cardstock. Expose new area and spray ink using a different color. Repeat for multiple stripes.

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what is scrap??
i rwalized that this articles is very helpful.
love this layout, i have a toy killer too. Im definitely doing this layout!!
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