Printed Canvas Wall Art

by Linda Barber and Kim Jackson

Monogram Printed Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art by Linda Barber, as seen in Creative Spaces with Megan Hoeppner, page 130.

Monograms are an excellent choice when it comes to filling your scrapbook room with personality. Using your computer, you can create a professional-looking monogram in no time. Just follow our two-step process for creating and printing your digital design.

Design Your Letter Digitally

1. Open a New Document at 8" x 8", 300 dpi.

Monogram Step 1

2. Open the file on your computer that contains your digital background paper. Drag the file onto your document as a new Layer. Resize it for your document by using the corner grab handles.

3. Using the Rectangular Marquee tool (the "marching ants" tool), select your monogram from a digital alphabet file. Here, Linda chose the letter B. Drag your letter onto your open document as a new Layer. Place the letter in the middle of your document, and resize it to get the look you want.

Monogram Step 2

4. Open the files containing your accent images. Here, Linda used paint splotches that she found on designer Jenn Olson's blog. Drag your accents onto your document.

5. Recolor your accent images by clicking on the foreground color, choosing your color, and then hitting Control+Shift+Delete (Option+Shift+Delete on a Mac).

6. Then choose a secondary foreground color, and select the brush you wish to use as additional accents (Brush tool). Apply brush to a new Layer. If you wish to use additional accent brushes, be sure to apply each brush to a new Layer, renaming each new Layer as you work for easier editing later.

Monogram Step 4

-- Continued on page 2 --

7. To change the color of your monogram, go to Enhance>Adjust Color>Adjust Hue/Saturation, and change both the Saturation and Lightness.

Monogram Step 5

8. Open the file containing your overlay, and drag the file onto the document. Here, Linda used a lace mask. Move the overlay layer above the layer containing your monogram. Then, go to the Layer dropdown menu, and choose Soft Light. Then set the Opacity to 40%.


Monogram Step 7

Monogram Step 8

-- Continued on page 3 --

9. To create a weathered look to the pattern on your monogram, select your Eraser tool, set the Opacity to 40%, and choose a raggedy brush. Here, Linda used the same brush that she used to create the blue streak across her monogram. Randomly erase some of the overlay layer.

Monogram Step 9

10. Click on the your monogram layer. Select Drop Shadow in the Effects Palette.

Monogram Step 10

11. Click on "fx" next to your layer. Move the sliders until you acheive your desired effect. You can also access the Drop Shadow effect and the style setting sliders through Layer>Layer Style>Style Settings.

Monogram Step 11

-- Continued on page 4 --

12. Save the document as a .psd file and a .jpg. The .psd file is helfpul, in case you want to create a different monogram latter or if you want to make adjustments.

Final Monogram

Printing Your Letter

1. Cut a piece of muslin, measuring 8-1/2" x 11". Iron a same size piece of freezer paper, shiny side down, on top of the cut fabric. Trim any errant strings to make sure they don't get tangled in your printer.

2. Set your printer to print borderless letter size. Choose the plain paper setting, or a canvas setting (if available), and the standard speed (not draft or photo quality). After printing, allow your monogram to dry, preferably for a few hours or overnight.

Monogram Printing

3. Leaving freezer paper in place, trim your artwork to the 8" x 8" size of the printed area.

4. Using spray adhesive in a well-ventillated area or outdoors, spray the front of your stretched canvas. Begin adhering the artwork, a little at a time, slowly removing the freezer paper as you work.

Adhere Monogram to Canvas

5. Smooth out any bubbles, and trim excess threads. Hang and enjoy!

For more do-it-yourself decor projects, check out Creative Spaces, a special issue from Creating Keepsakes magazine.

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