Post Your Photos to Instagram

by Molly Newman

While you may shoot directly in Instagram, you'll usually post a photo you've already shot (and maybe edited with another app). Posting your photos to Instagram is simple with these how to steps. And don't forget to include your favorite photos in your scrapbooks.

1. Launch Instagram and tap the camera icon at bottom center.

Launch Instagram


2. Tap the Album button at left bottom to access existing photos.

Access the Instagram album


3. Choose the desired photo and tap to select. Zoom in on photo as needed to fill the square crop area. Scroll to select desired part of photo. Tap Choose when done.

Crop your photo


4. Give your photo a vintage look by selecting one of the Instagram filters from the row along the bottom. Or, to return to an unfiltered look, scroll to the left and tap Normal.

Add a filter


5. Boost contrast in photo's details by tapping the Clarity button at left bottom. (Not a fan of the look? Remove it by tapping the button a second time.)

Boost photo clarity


6. When satisfied with photo, tap the green checkmark to post. If you've changed your mind or chosen the wrong photo, tap the red X to cancel post.

7. Enter a descriptive caption for your image. Make it easy for other users to find your shot by using hashtags such as #portrait, #family, or any other applicable word - you can also add hashtags in the comments if you want a less cluttered caption. 

Add a caption


If you want to make your photo findable on a map, select "Add to your Photo Map" and enter a specific location. You can also choose to share your photo via other social media services by selecting them in the bottom pane. Tap Share and you're finished!


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