Photo Tip: DIY Bokeh Filter

Bokeh is the artistic use of out-of-focus backlight to highlight the subject of your photo. With a little creativity - and a simple, do-it-yourself (DIY) filter - you can create shaped bokeh for a "wow" effect. The following photos and steps walk you through creating a DIY filter. Change the shape depending on the holiday or occasion for a variety of effects.

Creating a DIY Bokeh Filter

1. Cut a cardstock strip; wrap around camera's lens to create a sleeve. Adhere cardstock strip so it slides on and off the lens.

Camera sleeve

2. Cut cardstock circle same size as lens sleeve.

Cut lens cover

3. Punch or cut shape in center of cardstock circle.

Note: If you don't have a punch for the shape you want, print a clipart shape that you can cut and trace onto the cardstock circle.

Cut star

Star lens cover

4. Adhere cardstock circle to cardstock sleeve. Cover all edges with tape, such as electrical tape, to ensure light does not seep between circle's edge and sleeve.

lens cover on sleeve

sealed sleeve

When ready to take photos, slide the sleeve onto your camera's lens.

camera with filter

There are many tutorials on camera settings to use when shooting bokeh. A quick search of the internet will provide several options.

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