Operation Photo Organization: Photo Storage Tips

by Marci Leishman
Operation Photo Organization: Photo Storage Tips

Check out these photo storage tips from the Creating Keepsakes magazine premier issue in 1996!


Here are five easy tips to break down a photo/negative organization project into bite-sized pieces.

1. Find the Time. Book some time in your calendar, day planner, etc. to get started on your photo organization project. Give yourself a few hours each week or schedule one Saturday a month to really dig into those piles so those incredibly intimidating piles of negatives and snapshots shrink into manageable, organized memories.

2. Choose Storage Options. From photo boxes (most of which are acid-free) to hanging file folders, envelopes to negative sleeves, photo files to fireproof safes, there are many ways to store your photos and negatives. Choose the system that works best for you and avoid:

*acidity (low pH)

*PVC (polyvinyl chloridea, which breaks down to form acid)


*extreme temperatures (don't store in basements or attics that don't have temperature controls)

*"magnetic" photo albums



*direct sunlight


3. Sort It Out. Find a workspace where you can spread everything out. You can sort by topics such as:

*family member

*holidays & events


*chronologically by month, year, etc.

If you have a photo that goes in more than one category, make duplicates to sort in different categories as needed.


4. Label Your Photos. Label your photos as soon as you download or get them back from the developer using an acid-free, permanent ink pen. You can write on the photo or on acid-free labels. Make sure you put any important details beyond the date and people in the photo for journaling later.


5. Enjoy Easy Upkeep. Each time you develop or download photos, you can file them easily into your established system for quick use for scrapbooking, home decor, or other projects!


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