Display More Photos with Photo Grids

by Lori Anderson

If you're anything like me, when you take pictures with your camera, you take lots of them! Do you find this to be especially true when you're at a large event or participating in a fun outing? There are many ways to fit more photos on your pages, but one way that's easy and pleasing to the eye is placing your photos in a grid. Here are a few tips for using a grid on your next layout.

Our Wedding by Mandy Douglass June 2009 CK

Mandy Douglass had lots of photos from her wedding day that she wanted to incorporate onto one layout. Her quick (and money saving) solution? Print four 2" x 3" photos on one 4" x 6" print and place the prints directly on the page. When processing your prints online, simply select the wallet sized option to place 4 photos on a standard 4" x 6" print. Mandy fit 24 photos on her page using this technique.


Happy Faces by Kim Watson July 2009 CK

Kim Watson used photos in the same 2" x 3" dimension on her Happy Faces layout, but notice how she broke up the "grid" feeling by adhering her photos unevenly? Also, breaking up the grid by placing ribbons and trims in between the photos makes this layout feel less rigid and more fun, just like her layout.

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