November Mail Call

November Mail Call

Thanks to all of you who send us your feedback. It helps us improve each issue of Creating Keepsakes to be what you want. Here are letters from loyal readers:

Hooray for Digital-Photo Help
Your “7-Step Program for Photoholics” article (August 2008 issue) was exactly what I had been looking for. The best part was learning how to bypass the auto programs that previously took hold of my photos and forced me to enter one date for all when I uploaded (not an easy way to find what you are looking for later).
I now have direct access to my 2008 photos in folders and a few subfolders that suit me. So, when I go looking for photos of my daughter on her birthday, I just go to her file and view all. This makes me very happy! Thank you for the step-by-step procedure, and for not making us feel like dummies when it comes to computers. The instructions were written so well that anyone could follow them. Keep up the GREAT work.
—Angela Ebert
Western Australia
Too Much Crafty Stuff
I have enjoyed your magazine for a few years and look forward to it monthly. Lately, it seems as if it is going off to the dark side. I’m seeing too much crafty stuff, too much writing, too many mini scrapbooks (who actually has time to do these things, let alone has space to store them??), too many digital pages, too many non-original ideas.
You guys should stick with basic scrapbook page ideas. Crafty stuff can be shown in crafty-type magazines. Get back to the basics, please!
—Melanie Wolters
Beaverton, OR
Kudos on Customer Service
My October 2008 issue of the magazine had a bad print registry, so I requested a replacement. Not only did I get it BUT also a copy of Ali Edwards’ newest book. Thank you! Ali is my inspiration, and I was getting ready to order the book. Needless to say, when I opened the envelope I was taken aback at seeing the book and the magazine! Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service. I will not forget it when it comes time to renew my magazine subscription. (Plus, your magazine ROCKS!)
—Melanie Kiser
Tobaccoville, NC

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