November 2009 Mail Call

November 2009 Mail Call


Mail Call


Check out a sampling of the letters CK has received this month. These letters, sent by you, our readers, help us improve each issue of Creating Keepsakes to give you exactly what you want every month. What's on your mind? Send us an e-mail and let us know. Your letter could be featured online!



Thanks for the Learnin'


Howdy, y'all! I wanted to write and tell how much I love reading your magazine. I've been scrapping for almost 10 years and am still learning. All my copies are dog-eared. I always refer back to past and current issues when I'm looking for an idea or a great how-to article. Thanks again for such an inspiring and teaching magazine!
-Annie Soliongco, Nashville, TN



Loving the "New" CK


OH, MY!  Boy, did you listen to the readers! I'm sure you have received a ton of these emails, but one more can't hurt, telling you how much I just LOVE the new magazine design. I recently sat down with several of the 2009 issues to look for ideas I wanted to keep. Previous to January 2009, I would tear maybe 2-3 pages out of the magazine. Not anymore! From September's issue, I tore out 22 pages, and from January's 19! Thank you again for the redesign!  Everything you changed is WONDERFUL and I'm thoroughly looking forward to the next issues.

-Beth Hartman, Oakdale, MN



A Couple of Questions


I really enjoy your magazine and am happy to see it not only surviving, but thriving in the current economy that has troubled other magazines.


I was wondering how you go about picking the scrapbook rooms you feature monthly.


Also, do you take page submissions sent digitally? Thanks so much!

 -Carol Darilek, Austin, TX


Editor's note:

Thanks for asking, Carol. We choose the rooms for "Creative Spaces" based on submissions we receive. For 2010, we're looking especially for examples of smaller spaces. If you'd like us to consider your space, drop us a line at and include photos of some of your storage solutions.


We're always looking for fresh, never-before-published scrapbook pages and tips, too. If you've always wanted to be published, email your pages and ideas to or see our website for what themes we're looking for right now. They could be chosen for publication in a future issue! CK


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