More Free Templates To Scrapbook 100 Photos In An Evening

by Deena Wuest

Get ready to scrapbook 100 photos this evening by creating collages of all those great photos. Creating a collage by theme makes it fun and easy. Download two free templates to get started.

Template 1

Template 2


Collage It Up by Theme

If you have piles of non-chronological photos waiting to be scrapped, this is the strategy for you! This strategy takes away the pressure to work in a specific sequence because instead of highlighting months, you'll highlight the themes in your life.


For example, do you have a sports photo from March, two from May, and lots from November? They can all live happily together on one themed layout. No need for hours of sorting and organizing photos by date! Think of other themes that are woven through your life and dedicate a layout to each. Other examples of themes include

  • birthdays,
  • school activities,
  • vacations, holidays,
  • work, and
  • everyday photos.


12x12 created using a collage

2010 Favorite School Moments by Laura Vegas, as seen in the September 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine, page 52.


Download Laura Vegas' templates to scrapbook the themes in your life.

Template 1

Template 2


Find 18 more downloads at Free Templates for Scrapbooking 100 Photos In An Evening.


Find more strategies to help you scrapbook 100 photos in an evening at Scrapbook 100 Photos in an Evening and in the September 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.


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