Monday: Are You Ready for Some Football?

Lori Fairbanks

Try one of these great looks for sports pages!

Are you ready for some football? How about soccer? Maybe a little baseball? No matter what sport you or your family members are watching or playing, you can create a great layout to document this exciting part of your lives. Here are six fantastic sports-themed layouts and a couple challenges to get you warmed up.

("Tough" by Lori Anderson)
Challenge 1: Group your photos into a collage.
Re-create the experience of watching the game with a photo collage. Leave enough white space within each photo to create a visual separation between them when they're butted up against each other. Vary photo sizes for additional visual interest.


("Chicago Bulls" by Kelly Purkey)
Challenge 2: Incorporate star accents and striped patterns into your design.
Watching sports is a favorite pastime of many people. Give a patriotic nod to your sports-themed pages by accenting it with stars and stripes--or any symbol of your nation.


("Batting Practice" by Ria Mojica)
Challenge 3: Capture motion with a series of photographs.
Much of the excitement of an event comes from those magical moments when a batter hits a home run or a sprinter makes it to the finish line just seconds ahead of the competition. Document this moment in a series of photos on your layout.


("Swim, Bike, Run" by Elizabeth Kartchner)
Challenge 4: Use numbers as decorative accents on your page.
Numbers are important in just about every sport--the numbers on the scoreboard, the numbers on players' jerseys, the number of innings, the number of miles to the finish line, and more. Use the numbers that are significant to the subject of your page as accents on your layout.


("Goaaal!!!" by Lisa Dorsey)
Challenge 5: Use a ball shape to create an accent on your layout.
Whip your page into shape--the shape of a ball, that is! Let the ball used in your favorite sport inspire an accent on your page. You could create a football-shaped title block, a circle journaling block embellished with baseball-style stitches, or even flocked circle accents reminiscent of tennis balls.


("My Kid Is a Sports Fiend" by Shannon Taylor)
Challenge 6: Celebrate several of your hobbies or interests on a single layout.
What do you do for fun? What activities do you carve time for in your busy schedule for? Create a layout that shows why these hobbies are important to you and describe what you love about them.

Daily Creative Challenge: Create a layout based on one of these six challenges, and upload it to our CK Scrapper Bowl online gallery.

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I Uploaded a LO
I posted my LO called "Historic Storm" for this challenge. I clustered my photos together. Real ironic since the area's getting an even MORE historic storm right now! LOVED this challenge!!!
Does it have to be a sports theme LO? Kids are all grown & grandkids too young to be involved yet... FAB challenges!
This is GREAT!
I am so happy to see ppl posting!
LOve the ideas
Great ideas, I hope I can whip up a pg using some of these fun ideas.
Great ideas!!!
Have grandkids involved in many different sports.... Love the ideas of what can be done/changed to match their sport.
Thanks a bunch!
The sports pages ideas are great. Someone should sell large templates of sports balls.
love them all!
especially the big soccer ball.
So Excited
I'm so excited to get started on this challenge, great ideas! Thanks, Patty :)
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