Make Quick Photo Grids for Your Scrapbook

by Dorathy Gilchrist
Make Quick Photo Grids for Your Scrapbook

Photo grids are a great way to keep your scrapbook layout balanced and organized, especially if you enjoy clean, simple designs. The tricky part of making a photo grid can be getting just the right size photos to fit in your grid spaces and line up as you'd like. Here have some tips to help you be ready to quickly and easily place your photos on your layout the next time you use a grid.

Layouts with grids are easiest to put together if you start out using a sketch of your basic design. Once you know your basic design, you have several grid choices.

Option 1: Align both the inner and outer edges of your photos together, creating distinct lines that go from top to bottom or side to side of your grid, as on this layout by Brigid Gonzalez. This style is especially good for layouts where many of your photos are the same size.


4th of July by Brigid Gonzalez, as seen in the July 2009 issue, p. 28.

Option 2: Align your photos on the outer edges of the grid only. Notice how the lines between photos inside the grid don't run from one end of the grid to the other on this layout by Marianne Hope. This style is especially useful when you have several different sizes of photos in one grid.


Fall by Marianne Hope, as seen in the November 2009 issue, p. 28.

Option 3: Create a grid in a shape that isn't square or rectangular, as Christina Smith did on her layout below. This style works well if you don't mind having certain pictures that are cropped irregularly to accommodate extra curves or odd angles, or if you have accents or paper pieces you'd like to use to fill in any oddly shaped gaps.

canyon Lands

Canyonlands National Park by Christina Smith, as seen in the July/August 2010 issue, p. 39.

Useful Tools

Whichever grid style you prefer, two great tools for helping you determine photo placement and size in a grid are:

1. Photo mats cut to be slightly larger than the size of the photos you regularly use on your layouts.



2. Premade photo templates. You can also make templates yourself using cardstock or chipoard, but they may not last as long or be as sturdy as a premade version.



Making Your Grid

1. On your layout, lightly outline in pencil the area you'd like to have your grid fit inside. Doing this will help you keep the photos and other grid elements, such as journaling or accent blocks, aligned on the outer edges of the grid.

2. Using your phot mats or templates, trace the shape of individual photos where you'd like them to be. Photo mats and templates are very helpful because you can move them around until you have a combination that's just right, especially if your ideas have changed from your original sketch.



3. Take note of the photo sizes you'll need when you print out your pictures.

Now you are ready to finish your layout quickly and easily once your photos and page accents are chosen! Once your layout is put together, photos and all, if you have extra space in your grid, fill it in with a title, as Kim Moreno has done here, or with journaling and other accents.


'09 Season by Kim Moreno, as seen in the July/August 2010 issue, p. 43.


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