February 2009 Mail Call


Thanks to all of you who send us your feedback. It helps us improve each issue of Creating Keepsakes to be what you want. Here are letters from loyral readers with great suggestions:


Fantastic Issue

I received my January 2009 issue yesterday, and I have read it from back to front and again front to back. I have highlighted so much information. This is the best issue ever. Keep up the good work. And Becky Higgins is such a sweetheart. I get the Essential Scrapbook Video Collection, and I have watched her video over and over again. Thank you so much.
—Brenda F. Cooper, Dennison, IL


No More Shabby Chic
I am responding to your invitation to critique your magazine. I scrapbook in a more “classic” fashion—that is, I don’t go for “shabby chic” or a lot of stuff that doesn’t relate to the essence of my pages. I tend to have a lot of white space and clean layouts. Most of your magazine lately seems to be dedicated to “shabby chic” and “filling up the page.” For instance, I don’t think adding several adjectives to a page is really journaling (what child isn’t “cute”?). I don’t mean to be negative, but I am not finding much in your magazine that is devoted to my way of scrapbooking. Any chance you will have more “classic” page ideas?
—Aleta Korslin, Wisconsin Rapids, WI



Love It!
Just want to let you know that the January issue is wonderful! According to most other online scrappers (at websites like Two Peas in a Bucket and others, even here in England), the comments are running about 99 percent positive for the new changes. There are loads more real-life scrapbook examples, sketches, multiphoto layouts and just plain interesting articles.
Too often we just comment on the negative things, but this is one time I want to let you know we LOVE it! Please continue to keep up the changes.
—Jane Hakes, Whitstable, UK

January 2009 Issue—My Favorite!
I just wanted to share how much I LOVED the January 2009 issue! It is my favorite issue of all time. I usually do three readings of Creating Keepsakes magazine. The first time, I look only at the pictures; the second time, I read every page; the third time through, I dog-ear my favorite pages for archiving. With this issue, however, I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve gone through it. I love all the new changes, especially the tear-out sketches. I am also thrilled about the “everyday” pages that don’t necessarily fall into a time of year or holiday. The before and after looks in the “From Blah to Ahh” article were so inspiring and such a great way to teach your readers about balance, theme, color, etc. I hope that is a section I will see again to teach other aspects of scrapbooking. I just really enjoyed (and am still enjoying!) this issue. So job well done, CK team! Love it!
—Angela Andrews, Kansas City, MO

In Seasonal Solutions in the January 2009 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine, two images were inadvertently swapped. We apologize for the error.

The information should have appeared as follows:

Ellen’s Snowman Tags,
me & my BIG ideas,
These tags work great for accents to unify a winter layout.


Retro Winter,
My Sentiments Exactly,
Using this entire collection, I can create a layout that coordinates in hardly any time at all.



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