July Mail Call

Thanks to all of you who send us your feedback. It helps us improve each issue of Creating Keepsakes to be what you want. Here are two letters from loyral readers with great suggestions:


Thank You!

I just had to write (better late than never) to tell you how much I enjoyed Suzy Plantamura's "Spring into Action" article in your April 2009 issue. Finally, a woman after my own heart! What a breath of fresh air!  

You don't have to scrap ALL your photos. . . . The memories are what count, not spending two hours on each page. . . . I'm not "behind," I just have more memories to relive "someday." . . . It doesn't have to be chronological; do what you like when you want to and keep it fun. . . . And you don't have to make an album for every event, in every child's life!

I know women who put every single photo from Christmas on album pages; who sew and paint and distress on almost every page; who are obsessing because they aren't "caught up"; who adhere to chronological order with military precision; and who are truly going to burden their children with at least 20 albums each, by scrapping EVERY bloomin' thing!

This is a WONDERFUL hobby, and it is fun. And Suzy has written a wake-up call of an article. . . . . I'm going to laminate it!

Thanks for a great magazine,

-Kathryn Yost, Yorktown, Virginia


Back to the Basics!

I am a new scrapbooker. Less than a year ago, I couldn't tell you what vellum is! Your magazine is the complete learning handbook! However, I find that the OLD issues (found on eBay and at yard sales) are the ones that give the best basic how-tos. I finally purchased an old issue that explained how to emboss! And the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Tips & Techniques book from 2004, is one I can't live without because it explains basic page layouts. Please consider adding a column to your present-day magazine that explains "the basics." I am catching on quickly, but the old magazines are still the most informative to me!

-Sunny Resmondo, Foley, Alabama


Where Can I Find That?

Hello from Germany!

I bought the cool book Get Creative with Type by Brian Tippetts. It's really great! Now I'm searching for a product-the cute little birds shown in the "Great to be 8" layout on page 75 of the book. Could you please tell me what product it is and where I can get it?

Thank you very much!

-Susanne Thielmann, Rheinbach, Germany


Editor's note: Several of you have asked where you can find these bird images. Brian actually created them and has made them available for download. You can find these images here.


bird download from Get Creative with Type


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