Scrapbook How To: Ink Ideas for Scrapbooking with Canvas

by Kim Jackson

Scrapbook How To!

Canvas is a spectacular material for adding sturdy fabric texture to your scrapbook layouts—not only is it durable, its thick fibers soak up ink, which means you can add both texture and customized color to you layouts with minimal effort. Just take a look at the colored canvas banner strips on this scrapbook page:

12x12 scrapbook layout with spray ink


Shopping in Chicago by Kim Jackson, as seen in the March/April 2012 issue of Creating Keepsakes, page 17.

Using five different color mediums, you can create a celebratory assortment of inked canvas accents for your page. Here's how to create each of the looks shown here.


Look Ink Type How To

Faux Tie Dye ink effect for canvas

Shimmery Spray Ink Lightly spray your canvas multiple times using a shimmery spray ink, aiming the nozzle at the center of your canvas piece.
Gold painted canvas Fine Glitter Paint Paint canvas with glitter paint using a wide paintbrush to ensure even coverage. Apply multiple coats for extra shimmer.
Masked canvas colored using spray ink Shimmery Spray Ink Lay mask of your choice over your canvas strip and spray heavily with shimmery spray ink. Leave mask in place until spray ink has fully saturated the canvas and begun to dry.
Chalk ink sprayed canvas Chalkboard spray ink Heavily spray your canvas using chalkboard spray ink for a soft, matte finish and deep color.
Stamped canvas Dye inkpad Stamp on canvas using dye ink and a background stamp of your choice. Pigment and chalk ink would also work well for this technique. If you use pigment ink, be aware that your canvas will need to dry before you can use it on a project.
Silver Painted Canvas Shimmery Glaze Achieve intense shimmer and gorgeous color by painting your canvas using a fine glitter paint, which has finer grit glitter than usually found in glitter paint.  This medium works beautifully for creating metallic looks.
Solid spray inked canvas Shimmery Spray Ink Go bold with a heavy application of shimmery spray ink for vibrant color and a beautiful sheen. Spray canvas fully with spray ink, pressing down the pump fully with each spray. Saturate the canvas with ink, and allow it to dry.



Find more fun techniques for your scrapbooking in the March/April 2012 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.


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