Handy Family History Downloads

by Lori Anderson
Handy Family History Downloads

It happens every year. . .family members from near and far gather to celebrate the holidays. In my family, there's nothing like a football game and a big meal to kick off our holiday season. We linger around the table and reminisce about the past, share the current happenings in our lives and look toward the future. Young and old enjoy the treasured stories and funny jokes, and each of us returns home feeling more connected than ever before because we know more about our family.

Unfortunately, days and weeks may pass, and oftentimes I have trouble remembering the details of the stories shared and the discussions that took place during the event. Does this sound familiar? This year, I am on a mission! My plan of attack: document the stories and comments we share. And guess what? I'm recruiting my family members to help!

We've asked our Creating Keepsakes contributing editors, Dream Team members and several staff members what their top questions are for different members of their families. Over 195 questions have been compiled, and we've created the following downloadable worksheets for you to print off for each family member! How's that for a covert operation?

Click on the links below to download Family History Made Easy worksheets for each member of your family.








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Family Questionnaires
Thank you so VERY much for putting these Questionnaires together. I was looking for one for my Dad and am fabulously excited to see some for Aunties, Grandparents and Nieces. THANK YOU - it is going to save me a bundle of time and stress.
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