Get Creative with Type

by Brian Tippetts
Get Creative with Type

Technology Hype
With the popularity of websites such as Flickr, Facebook, Blogger, and Picasa, it’s important that you be able to create and share your digital scrapbook pages there. Scrapblog, a web-based scrapbook company, lets you easily post your completed digital pages to photo-sharing sites or blogs. Get the scoop on more of Scrapblog’s cool features at


Great Tools
Environmental responsibility is ever present in our minds these days, and going green in scrapbooking is no exception! Many scrapbooking companies are making waves by printing on recycled paper, using postconsumer waste and creating with soy-based ink. Check out the efforts of K&Company (Remake), Piggy Tales (all lines) and Tinkering Ink (Becoming Green).


Helpful Websites
If you’d like to learn a little more about typography, go to This interactive site talks about the different parts of a type character. Next comes the fun: you can drag, scale and rotate the character parts to create your own type image! Visit the gallery to see great type images as well.


Type Fascination
Scrapbooking and design have a lot in common, including using type to present a message. In my new book, Get Creative with Type, you’ll find design secrets and type techniques specifically for scrapbookers. Check out this complete guide to typography today!

Outside Inspiration
Imagine a house filled with scrapbooks—over 1,200 of them! When a Florida woman was diagnosed with breast cancer, she felt compelled to get the stories of her life, her family and her ancestors recorded. The huge feat was accomplished in a short period with the help of a best friend, 30 designers and the amazing assistance of a local scrapbook store, Scrapbook Fanatic. I had a chance to tour the home that held all these scrapbooks and found it truly inspiring.



For more information, please see the December 2008 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

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