Top Five Ways to Store Ribbon With Ease

by Megan Hoeppner

3. Ribbon Scraps

Display your pretty scraps of ribbon in clear jars, separated by color. Doing so will keep them at your fingertips when it comes time to create, while also brightening up your creative space.

Tip: For added organization, tie a coordinating color of ribbon around your jar (or on the lid of your jar).



4. Long Ribbon Strands

Make the most of your jars. This idea uses larger jars to contain longer, loose strands of ribbon.


Keep your pretty pieces from getting tangled using old fashioned clothespins and straight pins.


1. Simply wrap the ribbon around the clothespin, starting in the center of the pin.


2. Once wrapped, secure the ribbon in place with a straight pin.


-see more ribbon storage ideas on page 3-

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Ribbon Storage
I too made my own Ribbon ring... easy storage I've found so far..I can throw them into a ziplock bag and pull them out all neat and tidy and ready to go!
Ribbon Storage
I store my ribbon in a plastic tote with a dowel rod anchored in the middle. The spools of tread fit perfect and then with the lid, no dust bunnies!
Ribbon Storage on a larger scale
I store my ribbon on a decorative wire dress form. You can find them almost everywhere now days. I got mine at Ross. I attached the ribbon in color wheel fashion around the skirt of the form and specialty ribbon attached to the bodice by theme. It it the center piece of my studio space! I can match the ribbon then cut what I need without any clean up or emptying of jars. I took a few days to sort my stash (I used every inch of couch and chair backs I had in the house LOL) but it looks great!
Ribbon storage
I actually have ribbon stored lots of ways. I group them with the paper, stickers and embellies by theme. If they are thin enough, I put them on DMC floss organizer plastic holders (idea from a yard sale purchase) then I sort those by color and have them displayed in pen sorters from Office Max. I also keep other sizes of non-themed ribbon in 2x3 or 3x4 ziplocs that have a hole in the top. Then I put all of those on those metal rings that can be openned easily. If anyone's interested, I'd be more than happy to take a photo if that would help.
Storing ribbon on clothspins
I have my ribbon spools on dowel rods, but the little bits are not easily seen stuck in a drawer. The divided drawer is a good idea, but I love the clothspin idea. And starting in the middle gives a good anchor. Thanks loads.
ribbon storage divider
I have one of the drawer dividers shown in #1. It came with a cube I purchased at Michaels.
I drilled holes in a box
along one side of a shallow rectangular cardboard gift box, in 2 rows. Then I took all the ribbon off the spools and stuck the ends thru the holes (3-4 per hole) I can store lots of ribbon in a very small space and it is easy to add more.
Ribbon storage
I use a Plastic over the door shoe storage on the back side of scrapbooking room door. Color sorted & out of site when door is open
Another IKEA item
I store my ribbons using IKEA's Komplement multi-use hanger ( I sort it by color and by collection. Love the ease of pulling out and putting back ribbons, plus, it adds a splash of color in my Scraptuary!
Love the Ribbon Ring
I bought several stackable plastic ribbon spool containers where the lid lifts and an edge of the ribbon hangs out and can be pulled and clipped as needed. These work great for the basic craft ribbons but for all my swaps and decorative scrapbook ribbons I absolutely love the ribbon rings. I hang the rings in my craft room and when it's time to travel to a crop I just stuff them into a plastic photo storage box. When I pull out the ring, the ribbons just fall into place and I can see everything I've got.
Ribbon Ring storage system
I saw the Ribbon Ring advertised a year or so ago in CK, and I decided to try and make them myself (since I live in Canada and shipping is crazy) I used the plastic that is for cutting stencils and it worked very well...I made about 50 of them and store them on large binder rings...easy-peasy and very neat.
Drawer Divider
Darn. I can't seem to locate the dividers on Target's website, but I did see them in the store not too long ago. You may want to check a Target near you. They should be stored near scrapbooking and gift wrap. I hope this helps. I'll let you know if I see or hear anything more specific. Good luck!
Target Cube ?
Megan, where can I find the inserts to your #1 ribbon storage post online? I've searched and have no idea how to find those dividers that you have pictured? I'm not sure if Target sells them anymore.
ribbon storage
I had a clothes drying rack that I no longer needed. I took the dowel rods off and slid the ribbon spools through them and placed them back in their holder. I was able to mount the rack on my wall in front of my workspace. I have over 200 spools of ribbon and it holds them all! It's not only useful but very decorative, and I'm happy I was able to recycle something I no longer used.
Another Take on Clothespins
I use clothespins too, but I use the regular ones that open and close. That way, I clip the end into the clothespin and don't need straight pins to poke me...I mean, hold the ribbon in place. :)
cross stitch cards
My mom used to cross stitch and I always remember her thread all organized on cards and stored in those plastic boxes. I have now done that with thread and I accually buy tackle boxes, cause we can get them at the Bass Pro Outlet store really cheap. But for those larger spools I have used the 3x3 cards by CropperHopper, just haven't figured out away to store them since the boxes have been eliminated.
another idea
Just a note: I've done the craft stick storage idea and while it makes it a lot more portable, it does leave kinks in your ribbon. My favorite is the ribbon ring. Check out
I love the craft stick storage idea!
Crafting Sticks!
This is the solution I have been looking for!! thank you so very much. it is perfect!!!
Love your ideas, friends. Please, keep 'em coming! :)
I have the 6th way!! :)
I did a different approach and very cost efficient too! I went to IKEA and in their clearence area they had a lonesome drawer so I bought it (only $3) and stood it upright then I drilled holes into the sides and put wooden dows across it to make a 4 tier ribbon holder and It looks great and Cost less than 5 dollars!
Ribbon Storage
These are some great ideas... I tried many ways with my ribbons before I found the best way for me... Rain Gutters.. yes Rain gutters from your hardware store... I use the vinyl ones... Kindof gives the same idea like the shelfon here... WORKS GREAT!!!!
Great Ideas!
Thanks so much for your great suggestions and comments. I love how each person can take a basic idea and make it their own based on their individual needs. You, my friends, definitely rock the organizing! :)
ribbon storage
I purchased a 3 foot small round curtain rod htat I attached to my wall above my scrapbook workspace. It's wonderful. My ribbon is always at hand and I can easily look at all I have to choose from at once.
ribbon storage
For the tiny rolls of ribbon I use the divided plastic container intended for embroidery thread and put them by color - very easy to see what you have!
ribbon storage
I have a spin off the the ledge storage..I have been using plastic rain gutters that are mounted on the wall, light weigh easy to mount and holds standard ribbon spools nicely. Linda
on the go ribbon wrap
love the idea to use the crafts sticks!!! Thanks
i just wanted to say that the idea about putting your ribbon in jars is the way i organize. it works very well, as it allows me to see my ribbon and it looks cute.