Five Tips for Scrapbook Titles That Pop

by Kim Jackson

Play up the down-home aspect of a scrapbook page about a day at the farm or at a harvest celebration by stamping or stenciling a title on fabric, as Laura Vegas did here. It's easier than you may think! Just follow these tips for success.

2010 Photos on the Farm 12x12 2-page Scrapbook Layout

2010 Photos on the Farm by Laura Vegas, as seen in Scrapbooking with Fabric & Notions, page 104.


1. Make sure that your font will work well with your color medium. A thin scrip font stencil, for instance, may not allow enough acrylic paint through the window for your title to be easily read.

2. Whitewash a busy fabric print with a thin coat of paint before stamping or painting your title. This will soften the print's colors and pattern, helping your title stand out.

3. Shake your paint bottle beofre attempting to apply paint to stamps or stencils.

4. If using letter stickers on a busy cotton print, you may need to first mat the letters individually on cardstock in order to ensure that your title can be easily read.

5. Go for letter stickers or die cuts with colors that have enough contrast against your background fabric.


For more cool ideas for using fabric in your scrapbooking, check out Scrapbooking with Fabric & Notions.

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