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Both beautiful and functional, The EZ View Craft Desk from The Original Scrap Box offers an easily accessible organization system for your scrapbooking supplies. It allows you to store your favorite products in a highly visible way, giving you visual inspiration as you work.



And here's the best part-we've got TWO of these babies to give away! Hurry, sweepstakes ends November 30, 2009.


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Yes please Santa
Brilliant space saving. Could really do with 1 as I live in a tiny mobile home with craft stuff everywhere & I can never find anything, which is a real pain as I'm disabled.
I so want to win this!!
This would look so pretty in one of my guest/craft rooms. I think it might trigger a whole room makeover!!!
perfect for my craft room
I am just starting to plan my craft room. I have little space. This is perfect.
This desk is fantastic!
This is perfect for the person with very little space
or would make the very best Christmas Gift EVER to a very good friend :-)
Dont need but Want
This could make my day.
EZ view craft desk
Wow! This is a really amazing scrap desk. Love it.
This would TOTALLY help me be organized! I have stuff EVERYWHERE!
Great Space!
This desk MIGHT help me get organized !
Scapbooking Dream Come True!
I would love to have this desk for my "craft area" in my home. I could easily combine my beading, scrapbooking, and cardmaking storage.
I've been dreaming about a craft desk like this...for years! Hubby said he's make me one--and that was over 20 years ago. Still waiting... :o)
Great Desk
I would love this desk. I would probably modify it for gift wrap items though.
Life Changing!
I must have one of these desks if I am not the lucky one it will be on my wish list and things to do during the New Year when I am financially solvent. If you saw my scrap space you would undestand my desire for this product, scrapbooking is not much fun when you’re attempting to scrap in a small corner of the bedroom, much to the irritation of my husband who is always falling over something because my product is all over the floor and on top of one another so that I can’t actually see what I have and haven’t got. Nor do I actually have a place to scrap, winning this desk would give me the opportunity to bring order and tranquillity from the present Kaos into my home make peace with my warring hubby and satisfy the Virgo in me that is finding this incredibly frustrating and messy. See how brilliant the EZ View Craft Desk is not only does it enable one to store products and give scrapping space it can do so much more practically life changing.
Christmas present for my MOM.
Well since I just lost my job and have tons of bills to pay. I'm really tight on money and do not know what I am going to do for Christmas. My mom loves scrapbooking and this would be a great gift to organize all the stuff she has. I hope I win. Thanks for the chance.
No Christmas this year
Because of so many money problems this year including my husband lost his job we have to pass Christmas by this year, so winning this will really make things feel more like a happy Holiday
Wishful Dreaming
I scrap on the floor so this would truely be a dream desk for me!
Perfect Solution
I love this! What a great idea! Perfect for my small space. First on my wish list:)
A dream come true
A desk designed with us scrappers in mind. I love it. A place for everything and everything in it's place. I can imagine how much more efficient I would be using a desk like this! It looks awesome!
Clear View
What a great idea, all the dodad's and embellishments are right at your fingertips! Literally! Pull open the drawer and you are on your way. Excellent for keeping the kids away from your stuff too!
Awesome !!
I am so disorganized when i scrap that my family calls me "the Mad Scrapper". I need help and this would do the trick. Organization that I can really see.
Absolutely convenient!
Not only it is compact, but also everything becomes "clearly" handy. I live in a small apartment, and compact-convenient means everything for organized inspiration!!!
Now why had I not thought of this crafty,WELL organized desks. Oh, How nice to have one! I find sometimes I spend more time rummaging through my closet, cabinets, bins trying to find something for my project at hand. Ugh! much scrapping time wasted doing that, PLEASE pick me to win, I so need this. It would end my needless neverending searching for just the right piece for my projects! I so need this. Please...bring on the Good Luck!!!
Out of this World
This has got to be the best thing to come about, I have such a small place and this would so cool and neat to have Please, I've never won anything in my life. When it comes to bad luck I have it all !!!
How awesome
To have everything right at your fingertips! There are no words to describe how wonderful this would be!!!!!
please santa I have been good this year.
NEED IT!!!!!
I so need this I am a disaster
I'm thinking this is a perfect birthday/Christmas present!!!
This is just amazing. What a perfect desk for my craft projects. It is just what I need to help get myself organized.
Dream Answered!
Exactly what I would've designed for myself, opened the magazine and told my husband "this is it, exactly what I've imagined over and over again"! "PLEASE CAN I HAVE ONE!!!!!
Just Perfect
I have arranged and re-arranged my scrapbook materials in order to be able to see what I have. This is the the perfect solution. Here's to hoping good luck will come my way in the form of this beautiful Scrap Box! October 26,2009 4:05 PM
How do I enter to win this? C
Santa Baby this is the one!
New Scrapbook room in Oregon has one thing missing the "Original Scrap Box" to complete it! I do home care and put my patients lifes in Scrapbook form during my time with them. A "Scrap Box" for the lifes to form forever.
Great for All Crafters
Great product. I would use one for stamping, one for plastic canvas, one for embroidery, one for jewelry-making, one to give my daughter, one to give to my sister, one for... You get the idea.
This looks fantastic!! i have been looking for a scrap desk for ages, now i have found what i am looking for :-)
cannot believe how much I have accumulated in just 2 years - it would be great to have it organized!!
Put my name on one!
What a great Christmas gift to myself!!
Form AND Function - my cup of tea
(would fit nicely in the upper right corner) I have been on a massive organization kick and this would be a beautiful addition!
This would totally make my craft room complete. Beautiful and functional!
Would love a chance to win one!
Something to help motivate me even more, to see what I am and will work on!
I would love to have this for ME, because my 3 sons have taken over my scrap tables for various school projects! I am always having to go clean up my space before I can start!
I need one!!
I have always wanted a desk like this!! Definitely a must have to complete my room!!
Nothing like a Scrapbox
I want them all
This is sold out at Overstock and Amazon. This would be perfect in my space!
Love the idea of it in Black
Love it, Want it, Need it!
This desk is awesome! I have to keep 3 little boys busy in our family room while I scrapbook. This desk would fit the space & keep my stuff out of little hands. I LOVE IT!
superb desk to have
I think this is the ultimate desk and am surprised I have never seen it before. Not only does it make the most use of space, but as pointed out, you can see most of what is in the drawers without opening them. For someone like me with limited area to work with, it is the superb desk. Bravo!
desk giveway
This desk looks like it would be so cool - what a great idea - looks of storage space- who wouldn't want it!!
Yorkies "Terrorize" my craft time!
We have 3 Yorkshire Terriers that love to 'play' with my craft supplies when I'm trying to be creative. Like the day one of them got into Zots Dots--the big heavy duty ones! That was a sight to see - dots stuck in all that Yorkie long hair. I need to hide my stuff from them so thanks for a chance to win a beautiful desk. Good luck to everyone. I know each of us would LOVE this.
The Porsche of Scrapbooking Furniture
What's not to love?
Awesome Desk!!
I love this desk!! The see through top is such a wonderful idea. Clean lines...Love IT!!
Gotta Have it!
You should see my crafting area now - I'm a disgrace to all crafters. Love this desk!
Scrapbox Giveaway
This desk is awesome! I got to see it at CKC in St Louis this April. My friends and I fell in love with it! They would be so jealous if I got one!!!
EZ View craft desk DREAM~
Wow, that is just way too cool! This would be perfect for my little crop room! Lots of storage and beautiful , too!~
EZ view craft desk...
Boy would I love to win this desk! I am usually such a messy scrapper - this would make it much easier to tidy up!
Wow! That would be awesome in my craft room. Everything at my fingertips. Thank you for the chance to win this.
Perfect for my small scrapping room!
This desk would be perfect for my room which also doubles as the spare bedroom! Love the way it is set up with the ease of seeing just where everything is! All right at your fingertips!
Important to be Organized & have at least 1 desk :-)
I love the way this desk is designed to create maximum efficiency. Would make any scrap area more useful as well as effective!
Love this desk!!!
Wow! Who wouldn't want this desk?! It looks so orderly! I sure could use this myself since I have not scrap space right now.
First Entry, and I Really Want It!!!
Just got my account on this website, and subscribed to the magazine! Saw the advertisment and the article, I couldn't help sign on! Looks like a great storage solution, and I really hope to WIN!!! Thanks! cookiemonstermommy
I could use an upgrade!
This desk is way cool! My current one is my husbands drafting table from college and is starting to dismember itself! I could totally use this in my space!
What a piece of organizational genius!
The organization gene is one I seem to have missed somewhere, and I deeply struggle to get and stay organized when it comes to my scrapbooking stuff. I've started to plan out my scrapbooking room, and this would be such an amazing addition to it and such a help when it comes to keeping my goodies straight!
Organization is my middle name
and I would love to win this desk! It would be perfect for my scrap room!
Wow, ...do I need THAT!
I just recently lost my scrap space with the addition of our baby girl and would LOVE to have a desk where I could not only scrap, but also STORE THINGS!!! So functional and pretty. Oh pretty please random generator...pick me!!!!!! Thanks so much CK for the chance to win!!!!
Just what I Need !!!!
We have been trying to give our boys each their own room, so my stuff is all in plastic storage boxes piled in the mud room and I have to move things and sift through to find what I need. This would organize my things so I can scrap and see what I need for a layout instead of hunting and getting frustrated. I could actually have "fun" again creating !! Thanks for giving me a chance to win !
Oh the things I could do!
Just looking at this stirs up possibilities of great projects because of everything being at your fingertips. Now I wouldn't forget what I was getting and losing momentum while searching for that perfect addition to my page.
WOW Love the Desk
This look so easy to use yet fun and functional.
LOve this desk
This is definitely something every scrapper wants. And it would look great in my room.. (Heee Hee!) Hugs, PattiM
i dont want I NEED IT!!! PLEASE
amo el scrapbook, pero no tengo lugar exacto para trabajarlo, asi que tengo un poco e cada parte de mi casa. con este escitorio todo estaria guardado en su lugar!!!1
Did I say WOW???? This is amazing!! Everything at your fingertips...my "room" consists of rubbermaid containers and A LOT of searching...thank you for the chance!!
I would give anything to have this!!!!
I have been ill since Jan and have had to move myself & 2 kids in with my paents due to being unable to work and have nowhere to put my stuff except on an old card table that is in the living room of my parents house. I know my mom puts up with it because she feels bad for all of Ive been going through and knows that this is my only positive outlet i have to combat my frustration and depression. This would look so much better and I wouldnt have to dig through the cardboard boxes i have stacked under the table to complete pages. I would do anything to win one of these!
Awesome Desk Top Storage Idea
I clicked the link to see a close up. Love their products and concepts. That desk top itself is genius. I like they sell that pc as a separate item. Might have to put that down on my christmas wish list. Beautiful products and great to help organize any crafter. JEss
WOW! what a way to organize
I am so lucky to have a place to store my scrapbooking supplies. It is in an old storage room with things piled high on three walls. Some things on shelves, some stacked on the floor, and some stacked on top of a wooden chest. It takes longer to get the items out than to make the project. I would be in heaven if I won something like this!
Id just like one of these BABIES!!!!!
This would fit right in my scrap room,light purple, and white fence theme, an sooo... cute! I pray I win one at least, lol!
EZ View Craft Desk
I love it and I hope I win it!!
Desk giveaway
I truly need something like this desk to help organize my scrapbooking items!
EZ View Craft Desk Giveaway
This Desk would help organize my scrapbooking room and help me to find the things I need faster. I sure hope I win one of these great desks.
EZ View Craft Desk Giveaway
This desk would complete my scrap room perfectly - sure hope I win one!
EZ View Craft Desk Giveaway
Love it..Love it!!!
EZ View Craft Desk Giveaway
This desk is amazing! LOVE it!!
EZ view craft desk is just what I need
I am just thinking about how much more scrapbooking I could get done for my family with this wonderful see though desk. Being able to see all my things would be wonderful. My things would be so organized and I could get more done and spend less time looking for all my scrapbooking supplies.
EZ View Craft Desk
It's hard to imagine actually having one of these babies! It's sure fun to think of such a world where I could be that organized and have a place all my own.
ez view craft desk is AWESOME!
This product would help me finally get my act together so that I could actually be productive!!
EZ View Craft Desk
I want one of those babies!
EZ Craft Desk
Just what I need to get organized!
Scrap Desk
How do I enter to win!
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