Download This Week's Free Scrapbook Font!

If you are looking for the weekly free font it has been moved to the Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking blog. The free fonts are available each Tuesday. Stop by to see this week's font.

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i love papercrafting
free font
is now at paper crafts if you click the link above and it's on Tuesday. CK is out of publication. The link worked for me.
Free Font Friday
I never did find it.
It is hard to navigate and the paper to find the free font. Please bring it back here to Your web pages need a makeover. Too messy..
Free Font Friday
Did you stop the Free Font Friday? The font shown is from Dec 29?
Free font fri 12/27 to 01/03
Where is the free front from fri 12/27 to 01/03? All I see is the font from last week.
Font download error
THis font isn't downloading
wrong font available for download
To whom it may concern: the font that comes up when you download this is CK Spike...not CK Spiky Classic which is SO CUTE! CK Spike...not so cute...PLEASE fix. Thank you so much for your free font program! I look forward to seeing the fonts each week! It's a highlight of my week! :-)
wrong download
when I try to download this font it comes up with a different font called CK Spike. It looks different than the Spiky Classic. Thanks for your help! p.s. I love your fonts!!
Try this I got the error too and I noticed a typo in the link.
Can't download
keep getting the error message.
CK Chic font
unable to download this font...can you fix the link??? thanks
Still can't download this font. Could you please fix the link?
C K Chic
Thanks alot joanlarmore the download works a treat
How to fix
To download the font, on the 404 not found page that comes up, remove the extra /content_downloads/ckchic__.ttf at the end of the url & hit enter. Font will then download.
404 Not Found
I never have trouble downloading the free font but am today!!! Here's the message I'm get: "The requested URL is not found on this server!" Please comeone help!
Link still down ~ help.
CK Chic font
Link is broken for this font Sat 15.03gmt
Link broken
There is a glitch with this week's font. I get a "link appears to be broken" message or it just simply won't download.
Thank you
this is a cute font!
Manual Installation of Fonts
The manual way to install a font is to actually download the ttf file, then copy it to your FONTS directory. It is usually in C:\WINDOWS\FONTS. Once I copy it in there, I click on it to open it. After that I can usually see it in any application I use. I hope this helps!
I have never have any issues installing these fonts
I had no issues downloading these free fonts....ever. I have Windows 7. They load in my download folder. I click on it to install. And installs without any issues. I have been doing this with all of the free fonts since CK has been offering them. I have never had any issues.
Downloading Free Fonts into Microsoft Word
I hope everyone has solved the downloading issue! The way I do is: After saving the file, I open it and then click on the "install" tab in upper left corner. It goes right to Word!! Hope this helps!
Downloading into Microsoft Word
Puh-Leese help me!!!! I absolutely LOVE your free fonts and have saved them all into my main computer but can you explain to me how can I save them into my Microsoft Word - Windows 7. Actually on checking comments by tmhall, they are asking the same question!! Your fonts are amazing and I truly need step by step instructions - I have written you previously unfortunately with no reply!!! Thanks in advance, An avid fan, Lorraine - Ontario, Canada
free font friday
how do I download these into my Microsoft word when using Windows 8?
Why has the web address been changed for free font friday and there is NO information on the old page? I have been sending e-mails asking why there have been no new fonts for weeks no with NO REPLY!!!??? What's the deal????
Creating Keepsakes Magazine
For years I subscribed to CK's magazine. Because of constant mix ups with my subscription I dropped the subscription for a couple years. I have since subscribed again. I was shocked at what little there was to the magazine now. For years the magazine was double or triple the pages it is now. There is so much less of the magazine yet the price certainly did not drop. What has happened to this once great magazine?
Still not working at 5:15 PM CST
Great Font! It's helping me :D
Great Font
Thanks so much for the free font! I look forward to it each week!
Great contribution!!!
Alis writing font - sandzamudio
Hi you can find alis writing by going to ://
I lost Alis Writing (TT) font! Can you bring it back????
Yeah for new fonts!
So excited!
Free font Friday
Thask you so much for wonderful font
CK Message Board
yummy yummy - LOVE it!!
Free Font Friday
Thank you so much! Wonderful font!
Font Friday
Love the free fonts.
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