Free Download: Becky’s Scrapbook Pages To-Do Chart

by Becky Higgins

The to-do chart shown below is one that has helped me organize my scrapbooking “system” over the years. It’s basically a running list of all the layouts I want to do (so that I don’t forget or lose track!). The chart helps me be more efficient because I can see exactly what is waiting for me whenever I have a chunk of time to scrapbook, whether that’s 30 minutes or four hours. This is how the chart can work for you:

First, download the PDF as noted below, then print it and start filling in the chart with your own list of layouts you want to create. (See my example to give you an idea of my layouts-to-do for our kids’ albums.) What if, like many scrapbookers, you don’t necessarily complete a layout from start to finish in one sitting? Relax. Whenever you complete any part of the process—such as getting the photos printed, doing the journaling or finishing the entire thing—simply mark the item off . . . the chart can help you track all of that. When I complete a layout in its entirety, I simply cross it off the list.

Here’s to happy, productive scrapbooking!

To download a blank chart, click here.


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Fantastic Organizer
I am a late bloomer when it comes to scrapbooking. I use it to make a "catalog" list of my pictures in a year. The initials of person in the picture go under album column and the date the picture was taken is the date to assist in future location of the photos as my photo albums are chronological. The topic is the theme or event of the photos and the photo column is the number of photos I have for that event. I keep all of these in a 3 ring binder and it helps me locate photos for themed LOs like preschool and high school and college graduations. The time spent making the lists of photos also helped me connect photos for other themes like first bike and first car. And all of this leads to Becky's purpose for the chart. I keep a chart for each member of my family of the LOs that I want to get to.
needed something
wow this is a super idea, my head gets lost when I have so many pics to work with.
This is fantastic! I can now get all of my projects started on this year and surprise my family on Christmas.
Thanks this is a true gift to a scrapper.
What a great way to unscramble my brain and start charting some progress!
good idea
I really liked the idea for this. I think it'll help me in keeping track of what I have already done and want to do. Thanks.
Great Chart
Great Chart. This tutorial explains it very clearly. Also, to create graphs online quickly, try Its also very simple to use.
Great idea!
I am going to use this for sure! Thanks for the FANTASTIC idea!
Thanks for the chart. Maybe now I can get all the projects done that I want even when I don' t have a lot of time.
Scrapboooking to Card Making
I think I can adapt this to my card making activities. It's a great way to keep organized! Thanks for all you do!
thanks for this. Besides being useful, it is very pretty.
Love it!
I love charts and organiztion! I have 13 photo boxes of pictures to scrap. I listed everything in chronological order on these charts, including which box there in. It makes it super easy to decide which project to work on next and where to find it. When I'm done I check it off. I've shared this chart with all my fellow scrappers!
I am a list maker so I will like to try this and see if this will help me keep me on track.
I think this is a great chart! I'm printing it right now!
So amazing!
I kept a 'to-do list' on a blank sheet of paper, and was forever losing it or throwing it away. Having it nice and neat and pretty in a chart like this is a better way...
Thank you
I am going to try this idea as I am forever not finishing a page and then forget what I was going to do with it so hopefully this may help me.
Lovin' It
This is awesome ~ I'm always looking for things to keep me organized ~ I've even passed this along to my SBooking group. Thx so much!
At this point I will try anything, thanks Becky
Great Idea!
Thanks for sharing this, Becky!
This is wonderful! Thanks
I think Becky is great and would love to be half as organized as her
Thank you
Thank you for this great tool
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