December Mail Call

December Mail Call

Thanks to all of you who send us your feedback. It helps us improve each issue of Creating Keepsakes to be what you want. Here are letters from loyal readers:

Loves Brenda’s Style
Thank you for bringing back Brenda Arnall’s column as an occasional feature in the magazine. I’ve used a lot of her travel pages as ideas for mine. Brenda’s style is what I wanted for my travel albums, and I use them for the first two pages per day.
   —Nova Lemons
   Dallas, TX

Recording Family History
I loved your family history feature in the November 2008 issue. As a certified genealogist and family historian, I was interested in the questions to ask of your family. Everyone should record where you went to school and who your teachers were and your best friends in those grades. I have been trying to find where my mother went to school (they moved a lot) and would like to know how she met my father. She tragically died when I was 16, and my dad died 12 years ago.
    Those sources are now, of course, gone to the grave, and I have lost a piece of my history. The census tells you a lot about where people live, etc. and I will eventually find this information, but how much easier it would have been to have it all down in a scrapbook, etc.
    I am recording all of my data for my descendants and hope others can do the same. The most important thing is to put the names on your pictures/pages with a photo-safe pen or pencil. Your children won't have to guess, “Who is the lady in the big brimmed hat? She looks like me but who is she?”
   —Sally Irish Kennamer
   Kent City, MI

Unhappy Subscriber
Over the past several months I have become increasingly disappointed in Creating Keepsakes.  I have been a subscriber for over 10 years and always buy special editions and idea books. The issues are way smaller than they used to be (they were over 200 pages a year or two ago, and now they are a lot less). I want a magazine where I am going to see a LOT of layouts to get ideas and inspiration.
     I’m tired of digital scrapping stuff—if I wanted that I'd subscribe to your company’s digital scrapbooking magazine. I miss the big issues loaded with tons of layouts. Then there was the issue a few months ago that was poly-bagged with a free goody if you bought it in the store but not if you’re a subscriber. I usually wouldn't have cared and bought it anyway, but because I haven't been feeling like I'm getting my money's worth and didn't buy it, I was more annoyed than anything else.
     Now, I work in marketing and have for over ten years, so I do understand the difficulty in acquiring new customers, but the key is being able to retain them. Where I work we have been focusing on “delighting” our customers in order to be the best and lower our churn rates.  Unfortunately, I have been more disappointed than delighted with CK and will probably not renew my subscription. I hope things change and that you can win me back. Thank you, though, for several years of great inspiration, ideas and techniques.
   —Laura Furtado
   Aliso Viejo, CA

Editor’s note: We are sorry to hear of your disappointment, Laura, and hope to win you back with some fun changes in our January 2009 issue. Like you, we miss the days of the larger issues. We hope the economy will improve to where we can justify the costs down the road! 

Loves Downloads . . . But
I really enjoy both Creating Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks, but the downloads are much too difficult to find on the website. Also, they’re often not there when I receive my subscription.  Can't you create a tab or link to a download page, especially for the current issue?
   —Sue Ichiho
   Sacramento, CA

Editor’s note: We understand your frustration, Sue, and as part of a major website redesign are working to improve the process and post things in a more timely manner. We hear you! You will generally find download information on the master page for an issue or as links within the online article text itself. 

For more information, please see the December 2008 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

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