DIY Organization

by Megan Hoeppner

Megan Hoeppner's craft space


If you've had a chance to look at the "Creative Spaces" column in our June issue, you already know that my craft room is my inspiring oasis. It's the one part of our home that's all mine and I make the most of that ownership--pink as far as the eye can see.

Whether you have an entire room or a small corner of your home, I think you'll find these do-it-yourself organization ideas easy, affordable and practical. Let's get started!



Organizing patterned paper can be a tricky business. Do you do it by pattern? By color? By manufacturer? By type? By theme? Well, I can't answer this one for you, but I can tell you to do it the way that works for you. Just because your neighbor may organize hers by color doesn't mean that the system will necessarily work for you. Also, don't hesitate to combine methods, which is something I do.


patterned paper



Filing System


I use the following methods to file my paper:

* By color

* By patterns (if the paper is mutli-color)

* Stripes

* Polka Dots

* Floral/Botanicals 

* By holiday (Christmas, Halloween, etc.)

* By theme (pets, birthday, etc.)

* By type (ledge paper, shaped paper, lace paper, vellum, etc.)


TIP: If the paper is double-sided, I sort it by the side I would most likely use. For example, if the back is a pink pattern and the front is gold fish (hey, it could happen), I would file it in my "Pink" folder vs. my "Pet" folder.


TIP: If my paper fits in more than one category, I file in order of organizational preference staring with color, as shown in my list above. For example, if I have a pink floral print that's monochromatic, it would go on the pink file before it would go in the floral file. But, if it's pink flowers on a white background with green leaves, it would call the floral folder home.


To keep my paper easily accessible and affordable, I use 12 x 12 hanging file folders and fabric storage bins. Each color (or theme, or pattern) is organized in its own folder. I like this method, because I can easily pull out and flip through any folder to find that perfect sheet.


DIY paper bin by Megan Hoeppner

Cost Breakdown: $3 (pink bin) + $26 (twelve 12 x 12 hanging folders @ $13/pack of six) = $29


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hanging file folders
I love this idea. I have alot of trouble organizing my various papers, these ideas are definiatly going to help me!
Desk Reply
Hi there! Thanks for your kind words about my space. I'm SO with ya on the pink. It's such a joyful color. As far as my desk goes, I purchased the legs at IKEA. For the top, I went to Home Depot and purchased a sheet of melamine ($30) and had it cut to the size of my desktop. The great thing about this is that there was enough leftover melamine for two more desk tops, so when the current one gets used and abused, I can easily swap it out. To make the desk look more polished, I ironed on melamine siding where the cuts were made. This is also sold at the hardware store and it's very easy to apply. Also, since the desk sits at an angle, my DH nailed a lip to the front of the desk so that nothing will roll away. All in all, the desk only cost me $100 and an afternoon of work. Pretty sweet, indeed! :) Good luck with yours!
Hi Megan I LOVE your room because I love pink. I wanted to know how you made your desk and what it is made of? I am new to crafting and I am trying to create a space just for me and I have to share it with the guess bedroom. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it Thanks
Do you have any ideas for organizing scraps of paper?
A few more answers
Hi friends! My shelf that holds the bins is from IKEA. And I picked up the 12 x 12 hanging folders at Robert's Crafts, a local craft store. I believe they're made by Cropper Hopper. Hope this helps you on your quest to be organized! Thanks for sharing your great feedback and kind words. :)
12 x 12 hanging folders
I LOVE your paper storage idea. I have been scrapbooking for 10 years and have been looking for a nice, cheap way to store my paper. This is perfect! I found the bins at target but can't find any 12x12 file folders that fit in it. They are all too big. Where did you get yours?
Love Your Magazine!!
I just wanted to let you know that I have been a subscriber to your magazine for two years,and I love it.All of the ideas in your magazine are great,and I took some of your ideas for room organization,and put them to good use.Keep the great ideas coming!
I love your room, but where did you get the shelves that hold the pink bins?
Awesome ideas...
I love all your storage ideas! You've inspired me to create my own craft room and make it MY OWN SPACE! Thanks!
I don't mind at all that you've incorporated my ribbon storage idea into your own scrap space, Muffybf. Thanks for letting me know that you found it inspiring. The pink bin was from IKEA, Boodercake. If you don't have one in your area, you can also check places like Target. They have a lot of great back-to-school storage stuff right now that would probably work out well. Good luck!
paper storage
where did you get the pink bin? i love your ideas, and it has helped me so much. the only problem i have is that i dont really have anything to store my paper in. but i love the bin with the file folders.
ribbon storage
Megan, love the way you are storing ribbon. You have it out where you are reminded of what you have. I don't use my rib bon at all. I never see it.. I just stole your idea, do you mind?
Hi, Tinkerluv! Good luck with your shoeboxes. Yes, please do post a picture when you have them up. I'd love to share it on a future "CK & Me" blog post. To answer your question, the bitty jars are also from IKEA. But, if you don't have an IKEA in your neighborhood or you would prefer plastic over glass, Making Memories makes very similar jars. I'm a lover of all jars. They seem to make organizing more fun, don't they? :) Thanks for the nice note, Missmelani. This is a cozy (sometimes to cozy) place to be. In fact, I'm going to head that way now. I have several magazine assignments on the to-do list tonight. Have a good one! M
Pink Room the best
Megan your room is wonderful. I love it and the fact that its pink makes it even better. I think I'm going to do a pretty shoe book to put my stamps in. Right now I use empty CD cases (cause I only have clear stamps, their easier to store then the wooden ones). Thanks for the idea. When I finish with my shoe box I'll post up pictures. One day I hope to have a caft room and it will defintly be Pink. Thanks for all the ideas. Are the bitty jars from IKEA also???
Love it!!
I love this room! Pink is my favorite color. What a cozy place to get creative!!!
Too kind!
Thanks, online supporters. I love hopping on here and reading your comments. PAscrapper, I got the shelf with the cups from Pottery Barn several years ago. I'm not sure if it's still available or not. And the other shelves, the ones with the bitty jars, is from IKEA. Thanks! :)
Megan, Loved the article. This is my favorite scrapbooking room I've seen in a magazine so far because I can actually do something like this. (I already have that same desk.) Thanks!! ~Kelly
I absolutely adore the room! The pink really does look nice. Thanks for sharing! :)
Shelf on wall?
Hi, you listed a lot of the supplies where you go them but I didn't see anything about the shelves over your work table? Especially the shelf with the cup holders? Thanks!
Great Ideas!!
I have just started to get in to scrapbooking and your ideas from your room are really helpful. I can't wait to use them to get my self organized!!
Source of Supplies
Yay! I'm smiling from ear to ear. Thanks so much for your nice comments and enthusiasm. I'm glad you like my happy space. To answer your questions, I got the pink bin for paper, the white frames on the wall and the black and white boxes from IKEA. I got the pink boxes with the metal grommets in them and the matching larger bins from Target. The ribbon holder is also from IKEA. It's actually a bathroom towel holder. And the white cubes (the ones with all of the drawers) are also from Target. I hope this helps. Happy shopping, my creative friends! :)
Like some of the others, I'd like to know where you get the Fabric Storage Bins. Those are perfect. IThanks for sharing!!
Where did you get it all?
First of all I love your scrapbooking room. The ribbon idea is so great that I am going to the store to buy the items I need as soon as I am done typing this! My ? is where did you get those pink bins and the white drawers featured in the magazine? Also wondering where you bought your frames hanging over your desk. Oh and the little pink boxes with the metal circles. I loved the article but I was like how can I get this now!!!!
Fabric Storage Bins
I'd love to know where you got the fabric storage bins. I've been looking for a storage solution for my paper and I think this may be the answer. I have the perfect spot for them.
Great Room!
Thanks for sharing - I love that it is pink and girly! You have great organization ideas! I will use some of your ideas in my scrap room...thanks again!
Thank you for sharing your lovely room with us!
I love seeing craft-rooms and yours is so lovely! Thank you :).
Thank You!
Hi ladies, Thanks so much for your nice comments. I'm glad you find my space inspiring. You'll have to send me links to pictures of your spaces when you make the updates. I'd love to see how you applied your ideas and made them your own. Or you can email me images at If you do, please put "CK & Me" in the subject line. Have fun! :)
i'm stoked!
your room layout is exactly like our spare room. i have a 'craft corner' now, but i've been wanting to take off the closet doors and put shelves in there forever. now i have a pic to show my hubby! thank you!
DIY Organization
Thank you for showing how you store your ribbons. Great idea, I am going to use it in my room. By the way, my room is blue, my favorite color.