Create Sensational Photos with a Free Rule-of-Thirds Grid Download

by Brittany Beattie

Transform an everyday picture into a photo masterpiece by cropping it using the rule of thirds.


Photos by Brittany Beattie

Why It Works: The Rule of Thirds Explained
The rule of thirds is a photography principle where you place your photo subject along lines or intersections created when you divide your picture into thirds, as seen at right. In the original photo above, the family is positioned in the center of the picture-not along any lines. In the cropped photo, the family is placed where two lines intersect, and the beach line is positioned on the bottom horizontal line. This cropping allows the family to stand out while the photo takes advantage of white space to set the scene.

To make that cropping simple for you, use the free download grid provided.


You can also watch a video tutorial about how to digitally crop your photos using the grid above.

For more photo tips, check out the January 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.


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Click "Video Tutorial" link
If you click on the link above, "watch a video tutorial," you can see the cropped photo.
Same photo in code
I agree; this looks like the same photo, so I peeked at the source code for the page (html). The same filename is being referenced in both places.
Same photo
I printed out the grid and held it over both photos...there is no difference.
using the grid
Brittany, I would love to use this with IPhoto - possible? Or can I only use the downloaded grid with CK software?
same photo
I'm not seeing a difference in the 2 photo's.
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